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A good user manual

The rules should oblige the seller to give the purchaser an operating instrucion of Braun DigiFrame 1560, along with an item. The lack of an instruction or false information given to customer shall constitute grounds to apply for a complaint because of nonconformity of goods with the contract. In accordance with the law, a customer can receive an instruction in non-paper form; lately graphic and electronic forms of the manuals, as well as instructional videos have been majorly used. A necessary precondition for this is the unmistakable, legible character of an instruction.

What is an instruction?

The term originates from the Latin word „instructio”, which means organizing. Therefore, in an instruction of Braun DigiFrame 1560 one could find a process description. An instruction's purpose is to teach, to ease the start-up and an item's use or performance of certain activities. An instruction is a compilation of information about an item/a service, it is a clue.

Unfortunately, only a few customers devote their time to read an instruction of Braun DigiFrame 1560. A good user manual introduces us to a number of additional functionalities of the purchased item, and also helps us to avoid the formation of most of the defects.

What should a perfect user manual contain?

First and foremost, an user manual of Braun DigiFrame 1560 should contain:
- informations concerning technical data of Braun DigiFrame 1560
- name of the manufacturer and a year of construction of the Braun DigiFrame 1560 item
- rules of operation, control and maintenance of the Braun DigiFrame 1560 item
- safety signs and mark certificates which confirm compatibility with appropriate standards

Why don't we read the manuals?

Usually it results from the lack of time and certainty about functionalities of purchased items. Unfortunately, networking and start-up of Braun DigiFrame 1560 alone are not enough. An instruction contains a number of clues concerning respective functionalities, safety rules, maintenance methods (what means should be used), eventual defects of Braun DigiFrame 1560, and methods of problem resolution. Eventually, when one still can't find the answer to his problems, he will be directed to the Braun service. Lately animated manuals and instructional videos are quite popular among customers. These kinds of user manuals are effective; they assure that a customer will familiarize himself with the whole material, and won't skip complicated, technical information of Braun DigiFrame 1560.

Why one should read the manuals?

It is mostly in the manuals where we will find the details concerning construction and possibility of the Braun DigiFrame 1560 item, and its use of respective accessory, as well as information concerning all the functions and facilities.

After a successful purchase of an item one should find a moment and get to know with every part of an instruction. Currently the manuals are carefully prearranged and translated, so they could be fully understood by its users. The manuals will serve as an informational aid.

Table of contents for the manual

  • Page 1

    Gebrauchsanweisung Instruction Manual Mode d'emploi Instrucciones de manejo Manuale di Istruzio[...]

  • Page 2

    BN_ BA_DF1560_0310.qxd 12.03.2010 16:20 Uhr Seite 2[...]

  • Page 3

    DEUTSCH 1 Wichtige Sicherheitshinweise................................1 Packungsinhalt .............[...]

  • Page 4

    DEUTSCH 2 Einleitung Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Erwerb Ihres Digi- Frame! Mit diesem Gerät können[...]

  • Page 5

    DEUTSCH 3 Aufstellen des digitalen Bilderrahmens 1. Das Netzteil an den Bilderrahmen und eine Steckd[...]

  • Page 6

    DEUTSCH 4 Video abspielen (nur Modell mit Videofunktion) In der Anzeige zur Modusauswahl mit den Pfe[...]

  • Page 7

    DEUTSCH 5 Gemischte Dateien verwenden (nur Modell mit Video- und MP3-Funktion) In der Anzeige zur Mo[...]

  • Page 8

    DEUTSCH 6 Löschen von Dateien 1. Ist die Datei markiert, drücken Sie OSD, wählen DELETE und best?[...]

  • Page 9

    DEUTSCH 7 Anzeigeoption Einstellungen Beschreibung Menüauswahl NAND Interner Speicher Setup Rahmene[...]

  • Page 10

    DEUTSCH 8 FAQs Frage: Weshalb können mit dem digitalen Bilderrahmen nicht alle Bild- und Video- dat[...]

  • Page 11

    ENGLISH 9 Important Safety Precautions................................9 Box Content ................[...]

  • Page 12

    ENGLISH 10 Introduction Welcome to the Digital Picture Frame! Now you can display your digital photo[...]

  • Page 13

    ENGLISH 11 Setting up the Digital Photo Frame 1. Connect the AC power adapter to the Digital Photo F[...]

  • Page 14

    ENGLISH 12 Displaying movies (only model with video function) In the mode selection screen, use the [...]

  • Page 15

    ENGLISH 13 Using mixed files (only model with video and MP3 functions) In the mode selection screen,[...]

  • Page 16

    ENGLISH 14 Deleting files 1. When the file is marked, press OSD, select DELETE and confirm with ENTE[...]

  • Page 17

    ENGLISH 15 Display option Settings Description Selecting menu NAND Internal memory Setup Define fram[...]

  • Page 18

    ENGLISH 16 Frequently Asked Questions Question: Why can’t the Digital Photo Frame play all images [...]

  • Page 19

    FRANÇAIS 17 Consignes de sécurité importantes .....................17 Contenu de l'emballage[...]

  • Page 20

    FRANÇAIS 18 Introduction Vous venez d'acheter DigiFrame, félicitations pour vot- re choix. Ce[...]

  • Page 21

    FRANÇAIS 19 Monter le cadre photo numérique 1. Brancher le bloc d'alimentation sur le cadre p[...]

  • Page 22

    FRANÇAIS 20 Passer des clips vidéo (uniquement sur le modèle à fonction vidéo) Dans l'affi[...]

  • Page 23

    FRANÇAIS 21 Utiliser des fichiers mixtes (uniquement sur le modèle à fonction vidéo et MP3) Dans[...]

  • Page 24

    FRANÇAIS 22 Effacer des fichiers 1. Si le fichier est coché, appuyer sur OSD, sélec- tionner la f[...]

  • Page 25

    FRANÇAIS 23 Option d'affichage Configurations Description Sélection du menul NAND Mémoire in[...]

  • Page 26

    FRANÇAIS 24 FAQs Question : Pourquoi ce n'est pas possible de lire tous les fichiers d'im[...]

  • Page 27

    ITALIANO 25 Precauzioni ........................................................25 La confezione inc[...]

  • Page 28

    ITALIANO 26 Introduzione Congratulazioni per l'acquisto della vostra Digi- Frame! Con questo ap[...]

  • Page 29

    ITALIANO 27 Come montare la cornice digitale 1. Allacciare l'alimentatore di rete alla cornice [...]

  • Page 30

    ITALIANO 28 Riproduzione di video (solo per il modello con funzione video) Nella visualizzazione per[...]

  • Page 31

    ITALIANO 29 Utilizzare file misti (solo per modello con funzione video e MP3) Nella visualizzazione [...]

  • Page 32

    ITALIANO 30 Cancellare i file 1. Evidenziato il file, pigiare OSD, selezionare DELETE e confermare c[...]

  • Page 33

    ITALIANO 31 Opzione di Impostazioni Descrizione visualizzazione Selezione del menu NAND Memoria inte[...]

  • Page 34

    ITALIANO 32 FAQ Domanda: Perché non è possibile riprodurre tutti i file di immagini e video con la[...]

  • Page 35

    NEDERLANDS 33 Belangrijke veiligheidsinstructies ........................33 Inhoud .................[...]

  • Page 36

    NEDERLANDS 34 Introductie Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met de aankoop van uw DigiFrame! Met dit apparaat [...]

  • Page 37

    NEDERLANDS 35 Opstellen van de digitale fotolijst 1. Sluit de netadapter aan op de fotolijst en een [...]

  • Page 38

    NEDERLANDS 36 Video bekijken (alleen model met videofunctie) Selecteer in de weergave voor de moduss[...]

  • Page 39

    NEDERLANDS 37 Gemengde bestanden gebruiken (alleen model met video- en MP3-functie) Selecteer in de [...]

  • Page 40

    NEDERLANDS 38 Wissen van bestanden 1. Indien het bestand gemarkeerd is, drukt u op OSD, u kiest verv[...]

  • Page 41

    NEDERLANDS 39 Weergaveoptie Instellingen Beschrijving Menuselectie NAND Intern geheugen Setup Lijsti[...]

  • Page 42

    NEDERLANDS 40 FAQs Vraag: Waarom kunnen met de digitale fotolijst niet alle beeld- en videobestanden[...]

  • Page 43

    ESPAÑOL 41 Importantes indicaciones de seguridad ...............41 Contenido del paquete ..........[...]

  • Page 44

    ESPAÑOL 42 Introducción Le felicitamos por haberse decidido comprar su DigiFrame. Con este element[...]

  • Page 45

    ESPAÑOL 43 Colocar el marco digital de fotos 1. Conecte el bloque de suministro eléctrico al mar- [...]

  • Page 46

    ESPAÑOL 44 Ver un vídeo (sólo modelo con función de vídeo) En la visualización de la selecció[...]

  • Page 47

    ESPAÑOL 45 Usar archivos mezclados (sólo modelo con función de vídeo y MP3) En la visualización[...]

  • Page 48

    ESPAÑOL 46 Borrar archivos 1. Una vez que el archivo ha sido marcado pulse OSD, elija DELETE y conf[...]

  • Page 49

    ESPAÑOL 47 Opción de indicación Ajustes Descripción Selezione del menu NAND Memoria interna Conf[...]

  • Page 50

    ESPAÑOL 48 Preguntas frecuentes Pregunta: ¿Por qué no se puede reproducir con el marco digital de[...]

  • Page 51

    PORTUGUÉS 49 Instruções importantes relativas à segurança ......49 Conteúdo...................[...]

  • Page 52

    PORTUGUÉS 50 As funções: • Reprodução de imagens digitais em um show de diapositivos com mús[...]

  • Page 53

    PORTUGUÉS 51 Montagem da moldura para fotografia digital 1. Conectar o elemento de porção de linh[...]

  • Page 54

    PORTUGUÉS 52 Reprodução de vídeo (só disponível no modelo com funções para a reprodução de[...]

  • Page 55

    PORTUGUÉS 53 Como utilizar ficheiros variados (só disponível no modelo com funções de vídeo e [...]

  • Page 56

    PORTUGUÉS 54 Como apagar ficheiros 1. Se o ficheiro estiver marcado, prima OSD, selec- cione DELETE[...]

  • Page 57

    PORTUGUÉS 55 Indicação da Configuração Descrição Selecção Selecção de menus NAND Memória[...]

  • Page 58

    PORTUGUÉS 56 FAQ Pergunta: Porquê é que a moldura para fotografia digital não pode reproduzir to[...]

  • Page 59

    SWEDISH 57 Viktiga säkerhetsåtgärder....................................57 Box innehåll ........[...]

  • Page 60

    SWEDISH 58 Inledning Välkommen till Digital fotoram! Nu kan du visa digitala foton direkt från min[...]

  • Page 61

    SWEDISH 59 Ställa in Digital fotoram 1. Anslut nätadaptern till Digital fotoram och ett vägguttag[...]

  • Page 62

    SWEDISH 60 Visar filmer (endast modell med video funktion) I det läget val skärmen med PIL knappar[...]

  • Page 63

    SWEDISH 61 Använda blandade filer (endast modell med video och MP3-funktioner) I lägesval skärmen[...]

  • Page 64

    SWEDISH 62 Radera filer 1. När filen är markerad trycker OSD, väljer bort och bekräfta med ANGE.[...]

  • Page 65

    SWEDISH 63 Visningsalternativ Inställningar Beskrivning Välja meny NAND Internminne Setup Definier[...]

  • Page 66

    SWEDISH 64 Vanliga frågor Fråga: Varför kan inte Digital fotoram spela alla bilder eller filmfile[...]

  • Page 67

    BN_ BA_DF1560_0310.qxd 12.03.2010 16:22 Uhr Seite 67[...]

  • Page 68

    BRAUN PHOTO TECHNIK GmbH Nürnberg / Germany DF1560 / N BN_ BA_DF1560_0310[...]