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A good user manual

The rules should oblige the seller to give the purchaser an operating instrucion of Uniden CLX 465, along with an item. The lack of an instruction or false information given to customer shall constitute grounds to apply for a complaint because of nonconformity of goods with the contract. In accordance with the law, a customer can receive an instruction in non-paper form; lately graphic and electronic forms of the manuals, as well as instructional videos have been majorly used. A necessary precondition for this is the unmistakable, legible character of an instruction.

What is an instruction?

The term originates from the Latin word „instructio”, which means organizing. Therefore, in an instruction of Uniden CLX 465 one could find a process description. An instruction's purpose is to teach, to ease the start-up and an item's use or performance of certain activities. An instruction is a compilation of information about an item/a service, it is a clue.

Unfortunately, only a few customers devote their time to read an instruction of Uniden CLX 465. A good user manual introduces us to a number of additional functionalities of the purchased item, and also helps us to avoid the formation of most of the defects.

What should a perfect user manual contain?

First and foremost, an user manual of Uniden CLX 465 should contain:
- informations concerning technical data of Uniden CLX 465
- name of the manufacturer and a year of construction of the Uniden CLX 465 item
- rules of operation, control and maintenance of the Uniden CLX 465 item
- safety signs and mark certificates which confirm compatibility with appropriate standards

Why don't we read the manuals?

Usually it results from the lack of time and certainty about functionalities of purchased items. Unfortunately, networking and start-up of Uniden CLX 465 alone are not enough. An instruction contains a number of clues concerning respective functionalities, safety rules, maintenance methods (what means should be used), eventual defects of Uniden CLX 465, and methods of problem resolution. Eventually, when one still can't find the answer to his problems, he will be directed to the Uniden service. Lately animated manuals and instructional videos are quite popular among customers. These kinds of user manuals are effective; they assure that a customer will familiarize himself with the whole material, and won't skip complicated, technical information of Uniden CLX 465.

Why one should read the manuals?

It is mostly in the manuals where we will find the details concerning construction and possibility of the Uniden CLX 465 item, and its use of respective accessory, as well as information concerning all the functions and facilities.

After a successful purchase of an item one should find a moment and get to know with every part of an instruction. Currently the manuals are carefully prearranged and translated, so they could be fully understood by its users. The manuals will serve as an informational aid.

Table of contents for the manual

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    [1] www.uniden.com W elcome/Features/T erminology 2 Co ntro ls & F unc tio ns 4 Setting up the Phon e 6 Choose the best lo cation 6 Optional Battery Backup F eature 7 Install the rec hargeable battery p ack 8 Low battery alert 9 Cleaning th e battery cha rging contacts 9 Connect the base and char ge the handset 10 Moun ting the Ba se Unit on a [...]

  • Page 3

    W elcome/F eatures/ Te r m i n o l o g y Welcome/Features/Terminology [ 2 ] www.uniden.com Thank you f or pur chasing a U nid en Multi-H andset ph on e . The U SB conn ection lets you use your person al computer to ed it your ph onebook, d ownload sched ule remin d ers, an d even import contacts fr om Micr osoft Outlook  . Note: Illustrations in[...]

  • Page 4

    W elcome/F eatures/ [ 3 ] Welcome/Features/Terminology www.uniden.com T erminology • Standby mode: The han d set is n ot in use . If it is off th e cr adle , no lin e has been activated. N o dial tone is presen t. • T alk mode: A telephone lin e has been activated on th e handset, en abling a dial ton e . Accessibility Uni den pr ovides a custo[...]

  • Page 5

    Controls & Functions Controls & Func tions [ 4 ] www.uniden.com Controls & Functions 1. New M essage LED 2. V olume (up) (P . 46) 3. V olume (down) (P . 46) 4. T alk/flash (P . 37 & 40) 5. Back/hold/in tercom (P . 21, 41 & 63) 6. * /tone (P . 60 & 47) 7. Ear Speaker 8. Soft men u keys (P . 20) 9. end (P . 39) 10.Joystick (P [...]

  • Page 6

    [5] Controls & Functions www.uniden.com 22 23 21 24 25 26 28 27 38 39 40 43 44 31 42 32 33 34 35 36 37 41 30 29 21. Base Antenn a 22. Base Charge Contacts 23. Base Speaker 24. Back (P . 21) 25. LCD Display 26. Soft M enu keys (P . 20) 27. Phon ebook/ (P . 52 & 21) 28. /Speaker V olume Up (P . 21 & 44) 29. Men u/select (P . 21) 30. (Call[...]

  • Page 7

    Setting up the Phone Setting up the Phone [ 6 ] www.uniden.com Setting up the Phone Choose the best location When ch oosing a l ocation for your n ew phon e , her e are som e important gui delin es you sh ould consi der: • The locati on should be close to both a phone jack an d a con tinu ous power outlet (one which is n ot connected to a switch)[...]

  • Page 8

    Setting up the Phone [ 7 ] Setting up the Phone www.uniden.com Optional Battery Backup Featur e The b attery backup allows you to mak e and r e ceive calls d uring a power f ailure . Y ou can use any handset or th e base , just as you would normally . Install the backup battery in the base 1) Open the battery case cover by pressing in sligh tly on [...]

  • Page 9

    Setting up the Phone Setting up the Phone [ 8 ] www.uniden.com Install the rechar geable battery pack 1) Press d own on the han dset battery case cover (use the fin ger inden tion for a better grip) and sli de th e cover down war d to rem o ve . 2) Place the batt ery pack in th e battery compar tment with th e conn ectors on th e battery and on the[...]

  • Page 10

    Setting up the Phone [ 9 ] Setting up the Phone www.uniden.com Low battery alert When th e battery pack is very low , the ph on e is prog ramm ed to eliminate fun ction s in order to save power . The battery pack needs to b e charg ed when: - The empty battery icon appears. - Low Battery appears in th e display . If the ph one is in stan db y m ode[...]

  • Page 11

    Setting up the Phone Setting up the Phone [ 1 0 ] www.uniden.com Connect the base and charge the handset 1) Connect th e AC ad apter to th e DC IN 9V jack. Place the base close to th e AC outlet to avoid lon g extension cords . 2) Conn ect th e AC ad apter to a con tinu ous power supply (i.e ., an outlet that is not contr olled by a switch). 3) Clo[...]

  • Page 12

    Mounting the Base Unit on a [ 1 1 ] Mounting the Base Unit on a Wall www.uniden.com Mounting the Base Unit on a W all Standard w all plate mounting This ph one can be m ounted on an y stand ard w all plate . 1) Plug the A C ad apter into the DC IN 9V jack. 2) Plug the teleph one line cor d into th e TEL LINE jack. Wrap th e cord ins id e the mo lde[...]

  • Page 13

    Expanding Y our Phone E x p a n d i n g Y o u r P h o n e [12] www.uniden.com Expanding Y our Phone Y our pho ne ca n support a total o f ten handsets . Expansi on handsets do n ot need to be conn ected to a phone jack, an d allow you to use additi onal feat ur es such as DirectLi nk Mod e and up to 4 -way conferen ce calling. Expan sion handsets n[...]

  • Page 14

    Expanding Y our Phone [ 1 3 ] Expanding Your Phone www.uniden.com Connect the expansion handset's char ger The han dset's the battery rechar ges automa tical ly wh en the han dset is placed in th e char ger . 1) Connect the A C adapter to the DC IN 9V jack and to a stan dar d 120V AC wall outlet. 2) Set the char ger on a desk or tabletop,[...]

  • Page 15

    Expanding Y our Phone E x p a n d i n g Y o u r P h o n e [14] www.uniden.com Register the TCX440 and T CX400 ex pansion handset to main base Befor e an e xpansi on handset is r egistered, th e battery pack MUST be charg e d f or 15 hours . T o register T CX440 or TCX400 handset, simply place it in the main base . While the handset is r egistering,[...]

  • Page 16

    Changing the Di gital [ 1 5 ] Changing the Digital Securi ty Code www.uniden.com Changing the Digital Security Code The di gital security code is an id entifica tion cod e used to conn ect the han dset and the base unit. N ormally , setting the cod e is not n ecessary . In the rar e situ ation that you suspect an oth er cord less teleph on e is usi[...]

  • Page 17

    Optional Headset Installation Optional Headset Installation [ 1 6 ] www.uniden.com Optional Headset Installation Y our pho ne m ay be used with an option al headset. T o use an opti onal h eadset, in sert th e he adset plug into th e headset jack. Y our phon e is r eady for han ds- free conversa tion s. (Headsets may be pur chased by callin g Unid [...]

  • Page 18

    Installing Uniden's Cord less [17] I n s t a l l i n g U n i d e n ' s C o r d less Telephone Cu stomization Tool www.uniden.com NO TE: Unid en's Cordless T elephone Customization T ool requires either Mi crosoft®, Wind ows® 98SE, Wind ows ME, Wind ows 2000, Wind ows XP and m ore than 150MB free har d d rive spac e . 1) Insert the [...]

  • Page 19

    Using the Inte rface Using the Interface [ 1 8 ] www.uniden.com Using the Interface Example o f the standby mode display •H a n d s e t •B a s e 570# 0GY%+& Battery icon Date , Day of th e week, an d time Number of new caller ID calls received 570# 4KPIGT 0GY?[...]

  • Page 20

    [19] Using the Interface www.uniden.com Display Icons ICON DESCRIPTION Handset Base - Battery icons in dicate the handset battery status. This icon cycles depen ding on the battery status (empty , low , medium, an d full). - Ringer of f icon in dicates that th e ringer is turned o ff. Te l e p h o n e icon indi cates that the line is in use . Mute [...]

  • Page 21

    Using the Inte rface Using the Interface [ 2 0 ] www.uniden.com Soft Ke y Function "Soft" k eys are k eys that chan ge functi on during th e operati on of the ph one . Ther e are two soft k eys on the han dset and base . The te xt right above th e soft k ey in dicates that k ey's current fun ction. For e xample , when the ph one is i[...]

  • Page 22

    [21] Using the Interface www.uniden.com Using the jo ystick The joysti ck mak es it easy to use your phone . The f our most comm only used functi ons are accessible just by m oving the jo ystick. Use t he joy stick or menu/select key on th e base to mak e m enu selec tion s. Highli ght the opti on you want by m oving th e joystick up, down, ri ght,[...]

  • Page 23

    Using the Inte rface Using the Interface [ 2 2 ] www.uniden.com Entering text Y ou can use the n umber keypad on your phon e to enter text by r e ferrin g to the letters printed on each n umber key . When you press th e number key in a text entry field , the phon e displays the first letter print ed on the n umber key . Pr ess the n umber ke y twic[...]

  • Page 24

    [23] Main Menu Options www.uniden.com Main Menu Options On the handset, the opti ons are Di rectLink, Ro om Monitor , Messages, Ringer Options , Speak er Setup, Display Options, R eminder , and System Se tup . Note : • If you do n ot press a key within 30 secon ds, th e ph one will tim e out and exit th e men u mod e. Wh en setting the Date an d [...]

  • Page 25

    System Set up Menu System S etup Me nu [ 2 4 ] www.uniden.com System Setup Menu Sy stem Setup The f ollowing submen u options m ust be set separately for each handset an d th e base . LCD Contrast (F or Base) Y ou can cha n ge th e contrast o f your base disp lay to mak e it easier to r e ad. Y ou might w ant to adjust the con trast when ever you c[...]

  • Page 26

    System Set up Menu [ 2 5 ] System Setup Menu www.uniden.com Call Priv acy If you don't w ant oth e r r egistered handsets or th e ba se to interrup t you on a call, you can turn on privacy m ode . As lon g as your handset or the base is in privacy mode , other handsets won't be able to join your ca ll or mak e an y calls of th eir own. T [...]

  • Page 27

    System Set up Menu System S etup Me nu [ 2 6 ] www.uniden.com Any K ey Answ er (Handse t only) Any K ey Answer lets you an swer the ph one by pr essing an y key on the number pad . T o turn on Any Key An swer , go to Any Key Answer and select On . A confirm a ti on tone tells you that An y Key Answer is active . Banner Display (Handset only) Y ou c[...]

  • Page 28

    System Set up Menu [ 2 7 ] System Setup Menu www.uniden.com Global Setup Global settings apply to all r egist ered handsets and th e ba se . If you chan ge som ething un der the gl obal m enu, you chang e it for handsets a nd the base . Only on e handset or th e base can chang e global settin gs at a time , and you have to m ake sure the ph one is [...]

  • Page 29

    System Set up Menu System S etup Me nu [ 2 8 ] www.uniden.com Call W aiting Y our phon e supports Caller ID with Call W aiting, so you can see th e name an d number o f someon e who calls wh en you ar e alr eady on th e line . Y our phon e also supports Call W aiting Delux e, whi ch gives you a ch oice o f how you w an t to handle a waitin g call. [...]

  • Page 30

    System Set up Menu [ 2 9 ] System Setup Menu www.uniden.com Dial Mode Y our phon e can communi cate with th e teleph one networ k in two differen t ways: ton e dialin g and pulse di aling. Th ese days , m ost phon e networks use a m ethod called ton e dialin g, so your ph one co mes pr ogramm ed fo r tone d ial ing. If your ph one company uses puls[...]

  • Page 31

    System Set up Menu System S etup Me nu [ 3 0 ] www.uniden.com Setting the Ringer Options This m enu lets yo u customize rin g er or speak er volume setti ngs on your ph one . Y ou can set th ese options sep arately f or the base and each han dset. Ringer T one Y ou can set a differen t ring er for each handset an d the base . This phone com es with[...]

  • Page 32

    System Set up Menu [ 3 1 ] System Setup Menu www.uniden.com Unique Ring Setup (Base Only) Y ou can assign special rin ger ton e s to an yone in your phon ebook. When your p hon e gets a call, it looks up th e Caller ID inf ormati on in your pho ne book; if you have assign ed a distinctive rin ger to that number , the phone uses that ring so you kn [...]

  • Page 33

    System Set up Menu System S etup Me nu [ 3 2 ] www.uniden.com Storing Ringer T ones 1) Conn ect the au dio r ecording cable to th e han dset and sound source (e .g.stereo or CD player). In sert one en d of th e audio re cordi ng cable in to the han dset's headset j ack an d the othe r end into the sou nd sour ce . Y ou can also simply use the [...]

  • Page 34

    System Set up Menu [ 3 3 ] System Setup Menu www.uniden.com Changing Ringer Name 1) Go to Rec/Edit Rings . 2) Select a ring er you wa nt to chan ge th e title , and pr ess the OPTIONS soft k ey . 3) U se joystick to select Change Tit le . 4) Edit th e title of this ring er (up to 12 characters) usin g th e number keypad, th e DELETE key , and th e [...]

  • Page 35

    System Set up Menu System S etup Me nu [ 3 4 ] www.uniden.com Display Settings (Handset Only) The fol lowin g subm enu optio ns m ust be set separate ly for e ach handset. W all P aper (Handse t Only) Y our phone has 34 preset wallpaper/images to choose from. Y ou can customize or replac e 30 of th ese images usin g the softw a r e application CD-R[...]

  • Page 36

    System Set up Menu [ 3 5 ] System Setup Menu www.uniden.com Color Scheme (Handset Only) Y ou can chan ge th e color of your pho ne's disp lay . Ther e ar e 5 differ ent colors to ch oose from: S ky Blue , Haze Gr ay , Chi c Purple , Coral Red , an d Lime Gr een. T o chang e the color of th e disp lay , go to Color Scheme and select the colo r [...]

  • Page 37

    System Set up Menu System S etup Me nu [ 3 6 ] www.uniden.com Animation Type (Handset only) Y our phon e has 4 differen t animati o n s (Dog, Car , Frog an d Abstract) wi th 7 differ en t an ima tio n s che mes : T o set your anim ation t ype , scroll thr ough Animati o n T ype option s, an d press the VIEW soft k ey . Press the center o f the joys[...]

  • Page 38

    Using Y our Phone [ 3 7 ] Using Your Phone www.uniden.com Using Y our Phone Making Ca lls From the Handset 1) Remove the han dset from th e chargin g cradle . 2) Press t alk/flash . 3) Listen for the di al tone . 4) Dial the num ber . OR 1) Remove the han dset from th e chargin g cradle . 2) Dial the num ber . If you ne ed the pho ne to pa use bef [...]

  • Page 39

    Using Y our Phone U s i n g Y o u r P h o n e [38] www.uniden.com From the Handset Speak erphone 1) Remove the han dset from the ch argin g cradle . 2) Press speaker . 3) Listen for th e dial ton e. 4) Di al the number . 5) When the ot her pa rty answe rs, ta lk into t he micr ophone located at the bottom o f the handset. From the base 1) Press . 2[...]

  • Page 40

    Using Y our Phone [ 3 9 ] Using Your Phone www.uniden.com Receiving a call From the base Pre ss . Hanging Up From th e handset press end or r e turn th e handset to the char ging cr adle . From th e base , press end . Switching to the Handset Speakerphone During a Call T o switch a norm al call to the speak erphon e, pr ess speaker . T o switch fro[...]

  • Page 41

    Using Y our Phone U s i n g Y o u r P h o n e [40] www.uniden.com Moving out o f r ange If you move your handset farth e r from th e base unit during a call, you migh t start to hea r mor e noise than usual . If you g o too far fr om the base , you will h ear a be ep and se e No Signal Press HELP . Press th e HELP soft k ey on the display . Call W [...]

  • Page 42

    Using Y our Phone [ 4 1 ] Using Your Phone www.uniden.com Placing a Call on H old During a call, pr ess back/hold/intercom or hold/ in te rco m/ t ran sf er , to put the ca ll on h old. Pr ess tal k/ flash or the base to go back to the call. Option Definition Press Ask to H old A prer ecorded m essage tells th e caller that you will be available sh[...]

  • Page 43

    Using Y our Phone U s i n g Y o u r P h o n e [42] www.uniden.com Conferencing If you have m ore than on e han dset, up to f our people can partic ipate in a confer ence call. 3-W ay Conferen cing • Outsid e line + H andset + Base (or Handset) 4-W ay Conferen cing • Outsid e lin e + Han dset + Han dset + Base Joining a Confe r ence Call Y ou ca[...]

  • Page 44

    Using Y our Phone [ 4 3 ] Using Your Phone www.uniden.com From the handset 1) Press talk/fla sh or speaker on the handset to join the call. 2) T o hang up, return th e handset to the cr adle or press end on th e handset. Th e base or other handset will still be connected to th e call. Invite someone to a confer ence Pre ss back/hold/inter com or ho[...]

  • Page 45

    Using Y our Phone U s i n g Y o u r P h o n e [44] www.uniden.com Y ou can also display th e redi al list with th e phone in talk mod e. Afte r selectin g the number , press the DIAL soft k ey to dial the n umber . Deleting Redial Recor ds If you want to delete a phon e number from the r edial list, go to th e redi al list in standby mod e, an d se[...]

  • Page 46

    Using Y our Phone [ 4 5 ] Using Your Phone www.uniden.com Using the Handset V o lume Options Ringer: A djust the han dset ringer volum e Y ou can choo se fr om thr ee differ ent ring er volume settin g s on your hand set: off, low , and hi gh. When the pho ne is i n standby mod e , go to the Ringer Opt ions men u, and then se lect Ringer Volume . U[...]

  • Page 47

    Using Y our Phone U s i n g Y o u r P h o n e [46] www.uniden.com Speaker: A djust th e handset speak er volum e Y ou can ch oose fr om six volume levels f or the han dset speakerphon e . To adjust the speaker volum e , go to Speaker Setup men u, and select Speaker Volume , and th en select the volume level you w ant to use . Y ou can also adjust t[...]

  • Page 48

    Using Y our Phone [ 4 7 ] Using Your Phone www.uniden.com T one Dialing Switch Over If your teleph one compan y uses pulse di aling, you can switch over to tone dialin g after the call connects . This feature is useful when you need tone dialin g to use any automated m enu systems , such as automated bankin g, prescri pti on r efill lin es, custome[...]

  • Page 49

    Using Y our Phone U s i n g Y o u r P h o n e [48] www.uniden.com Find Handset T o locate the handset, pr ess find hs on th e base wh en the phon e is in standby mod e. Select th e handset to pag e. Th e handset beeps for 60 secon ds, and Paging appears on th e handset di splay . T o can c el pagin g, press an y key on the handset or en d on th e b[...]

  • Page 50

    Using Y our Phone [ 4 9 ] Using Your Phone www.uniden.com If you have an access number alread y enter e d , the curr ent number will appear in the disp lay . T o delete that n umber , press th e DELETE so ft key . If you need to have the ph one wait be for e sending th e next di gits, pr ess the PA U S E soft k ey . Press th e center o f the joysti[...]

  • Page 51

    Using Y our Phone U s i n g Y o u r P h o n e [50] www.uniden.com Reminder (Handset only) Date & Time must be set to use th e Calend ar featur es. T o set the Date & Time , scroll to Global Syste m Setup options (see pag e 2 7). Y our phon e has a built-in calen dar that you can use to sch edule remind ers and appointm ents (all the way thr[...]

  • Page 52

    Using Y our Phone [ 5 1 ] Using Your Phone www.uniden.com 1) Pr ess the center o f the joystick to select a d ate . 2) Press the ST ORE soft k ey to add a rem ind er . 3) Pr ess th e center of th e Joysti ck to set the d ate and time . 4) Use th e number keypad or * /ton e to select the ho urs and minutes . Press th e center of th e joystick when y[...]

  • Page 53

    Using the Phonebook Using the Phonebook [ 5 2 ] www.uniden.com Using the Phonebook Y our ph one l ets you stor e up to 100 entri es in each hand set an d base . Y ou can stor e up to 4 ph one n umbers f or each n ame in your ph onebook (f or a total o f 400 numbers), an d you can assi gn nam es to groups for easy sear ching. Y ou can store a distin[...]

  • Page 54

    Using the Phonebook [ 5 3 ] Using the Phonebook www.uniden.com Step 1: Name / Select / an d use th e keypad to en ter the n ame for this entr y . Y ou can enter up to 16 char acters. If you d on't wan t to enter a nam e , your phone will stor e this entry as No N a m e . Pr ess the cen ter of th e joystick or menu/select when you finish , an d[...]

  • Page 55

    Using the Phonebook Using the Phonebook [ 5 4 ] www.uniden.com Step 4: Unique Display (Handset only) Select to attach a sp ecial scr een display to this en try . Select the di splay you wan t the pho ne to use wh en this person calls, or sele ct No Selectio n to have the phon e use its regular display . Y ou can pre ss the VIEW soft k ey to see the[...]

  • Page 56

    Using the Phonebook [ 5 5 ] Using the Phonebook www.uniden.com Storing Caller ID or Redi al Numbers in the Phonebook Y ou can stor e Caller ID or re dial nu mbers in your ph onebook so you can use th em la te r . G o t o t he Ca ll er ID li st o r re dia l l is t and se le ct the num be r y ou wa nt t o s to re. (If the Caller ID inf o rm ation di [...]

  • Page 57

    Using the Phonebook Using the Phonebook [ 5 6 ] www.uniden.com Managing the Phonebook With the OPTIONS so ft k ey , you can delete phon ebook entries , copy en trie s to anoth er handset or ba se , check h ow many e mpty phon ebooks and spee d dial entri es you have availabl e , sort your ph onebo ok by grou ps, and nam e phon ebook gr oups. Deleti[...]

  • Page 58

    Using the Phonebook [ 5 7 ] Using the Phonebook www.uniden.com T o copy a sing le entry , go to the Ph onebook an d select the entry you w ant to copy . Press th e OPTIONS soft ke y and th en select Copy Select ion . Select the han dset or base you wan t to copy th e entr y to. Y our pho ne will ask you to confirm, sele ct Yes . T o copy all th e p[...]

  • Page 59

    Using the Phonebook Using the Phonebook [ 5 8 ] www.uniden.com Naming phonebook groups Y our pho ne com es with 10 groups to h elp you or ganize phon ebook. Y ou can nam e groups thin gs lik e "Family" or "Frien ds" or "Softball team" to let you fin d entri es in your phon ebook mor e quickly . Follow th e steps below [...]

  • Page 60

    Caller I D F eatures [ 5 9 ] Caller ID Features www.uniden.com Caller ID F eatures If you subscribe to Ca ller ID fr om your phon e company , your ph one wi ll show you the ca ller's ph one num ber an d nam e (if available) wh ene ver a call com es in. If you subscribe to bo th Call W aiting an d Caller ID th e phon e also shows you th e name [...]

  • Page 61

    Caller I D F eatures C a l l e r I D F e a t u r e s [60] www.uniden.com If yo u wa nt to se e ho w many Ca ll er ID numb er s a re s tore d i n your phon e, sli de the J o ysti ck to the ri ght or press the Caller ID key on th e base , an d th en the OPTIONS so ft key . Select CID Capacity . Calling someone fr om the Caller ID list Go to the Call [...]

  • Page 62

    Multi-Handset F eatures [61] M u l t i - H a n d s e t F e a t u r e s www.uniden.com Multi-Handset F eatures The features in this secti on requir e a minimum of two handsets to oper ate . T o add additi onal han dsets to your system, see "Expan ding Y our Ph on e" on page 12 . Using Dir ectLink Mode In DirectLink M ode , a pair of han ds[...]

  • Page 63

    Multi-Handset F eatures M u l t i - H a n d s e t F e a t u r e s [62] www.uniden.com Room/Baby Monitor This featur e allows you to monitor sounds in an other r oom. Place a handset or th e base in the room you wish to m onitor; it will fun ction as a mic rop hone. A s ec ond hand se t o r t he base can be used as a re mote spe ake r , allowing you[...]

  • Page 64

    Multi-Handset F eatures [63] M u l t i - H a n d s e t F e a t u r e s www.uniden.com Intercom Y ou can use the in tercom to talk to anot her han dset or base withou t using th e phon e lin e . While the ph on e is in standby mod e, pr ess back/hold/intercom or hold/inter com/transfer . Select th e handset or base yo u wa nt to page . If you select[...]

  • Page 65

    Multi-Handset F eatures M u l t i - H a n d s e t F e a t u r e s [64] www.uniden.com Tr ansferring a Call Y ou can tr ansfer calls between th e hand sets an d the base or between any two handsets . During a call, press ba ck/hold/i nterc om or hold/inter com/transfer on the han d set; this will put the call on hold . Select the han dset or base yo[...]

  • Page 66

    Note on P ower Sources [ 6 5 ] Note on Power Sources www.uniden.com Note on P ower Sources Pow e r Fa i l u r e During th e period that th e power is off, you will n ot be able to m ake or r eceive calls with the teleph one . Optional P ower Backup F eature The p hon e has an option al backup battery in th e base. It prov id es power backup in the [...]

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    General Information General In formation [ 6 6 ] www.uniden.com General Information The phon e compli es with FCC P arts 15 and 68 . Oper ating temper atur e: 0 ° C to +50 °C (+32 °F to +122 °F) AC A dapter Information AC A dapter part number: AD-0006 Input V oltage: 120V A C 60Hz Output V oltage: 9V DC 500mA Battery Information Battery part n [...]

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    [67] Troubleshooting www.uniden.com Troubleshooting If your phone is n o t perf orming to your expectati ons , please try th ese simple steps first. If these steps do n ot solve your problem, pl ease call our Custom er Service H otline at 1-800-297-1023. (M on - Fri 7 am to 7 pm, Sat/Sun 9 am to 5 pm , CST . The Customer Service H o tline is closed[...]

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    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting [ 6 8 ] www.uniden.com Severe n oise in terferen c e . • Keep the han dset away from mi crowave oven s, computers, rem ote control toys , wireless mi crop hon es, alarm systems , intercom s, r oom monitors, flu oresc ent li ghts, an d electrica l applian ces. • Move to another loca tion or turn off th e source of[...]

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    [69] Troubleshooting www.uniden.com System Reset De-register the Handset 1) Press an d h old end an d # for mor e than 5 seconds . Sele ct Deregiste r HS . 2) The phon e will ask you to confirm th e der egistra tion. Select Yes . When th e base inform ation is deleted , the handset displays MUST place the handset in base to register! Models may var[...]

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    Liquid Damage L i q u i d D a m a g e [70] www.uniden.com Liquid Damage Moistur e and liqui d may dam a g e your cordless ph one . Follow th e steps below if your ph one gets wet: Case Action If the e xterior plastic h ousing on the han dset or base is exposed to m oisture or liqui d. Wipe off th e liquid, and use as n ormal. If moistur e or liquid[...]

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    [71] Precautions & Warranty www.uniden.com Precautions! Befor e you r ead anythin g else , please observe the f ollowing: War n i ng ! Uniden America Corporation DOES NO T represent this unit to be waterproof. To r educe the risk of fire , elec trical shock, or damage to the unit, DO NOT e xpose this unit to rain or moisture. Rechargeable Nicke[...]

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    Precau tions & W ar ranty Precautions & Warranty [72] www.uniden.com Finally, it sh ould be noted that so me cordless telephones operate at frequen cies that may ca use int erferen ce to nearby TVs an d VCRs. T o minimize or prevent such in terference, the base of the cordless telephone should not be place d near or on top of a TV or VCR. I[...]

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    [73] I.C. Notice www.uniden.com I.C . Notice TERMINAL EQUIPMENT NOTICE: This equipm e n t meets th e applicable In dustry Cana d a T erminal Equipm e n t T echnical Specificati o n s. This is confirmed by th e r egistr ation n umber . The abbr eviati on, IC, befor e the registr ation number si gnifies that registr ation was perf ormed based on a De[...]

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    INDEX [74] www.uniden.com Index A Animati ons. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Anykey An s wer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Area Code . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Au dio T one . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Auto T alk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 B Banner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Battery Backup battery .[...]

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    [75] INDEX www.uniden.com S Setting up Base unit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 T elephone Line . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Soft K ey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Speaker phon e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Speak er volume Base . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Han dset . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Storing a caller I[...]

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    [76] www.uniden.com Memo[...]

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    [77] www.uniden.com Memo[...]

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    At Uniden, we'll take care of you! Thank you f or pur chasing a U niden pr odu ct. If you have any question s or pr oblems , please do not r eturn this product to the pl ace o f pur chase . Having Tr ouble? Our customer car e specialists are her e to help you! Visit our website at www .unid e n.com or call our Custo m er Serv i ce Ho tlin e at[...]

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    UPZZ01745BZ THANK YOU FOR BUYING A UNIDEN PRODUCT . ©2005 Uniden America Corporation, Fort W orth, T exas. Contains additional foreign articles. Custom manufactured in China. REGISTER ONLINE TODA Y! FOR ACCESSORIES, GO ONLINE @ WWW .UNIDEN.COM[...]