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A good user manual

The rules should oblige the seller to give the purchaser an operating instrucion of Poulan 952711951, along with an item. The lack of an instruction or false information given to customer shall constitute grounds to apply for a complaint because of nonconformity of goods with the contract. In accordance with the law, a customer can receive an instruction in non-paper form; lately graphic and electronic forms of the manuals, as well as instructional videos have been majorly used. A necessary precondition for this is the unmistakable, legible character of an instruction.

What is an instruction?

The term originates from the Latin word „instructio”, which means organizing. Therefore, in an instruction of Poulan 952711951 one could find a process description. An instruction's purpose is to teach, to ease the start-up and an item's use or performance of certain activities. An instruction is a compilation of information about an item/a service, it is a clue.

Unfortunately, only a few customers devote their time to read an instruction of Poulan 952711951. A good user manual introduces us to a number of additional functionalities of the purchased item, and also helps us to avoid the formation of most of the defects.

What should a perfect user manual contain?

First and foremost, an user manual of Poulan 952711951 should contain:
- informations concerning technical data of Poulan 952711951
- name of the manufacturer and a year of construction of the Poulan 952711951 item
- rules of operation, control and maintenance of the Poulan 952711951 item
- safety signs and mark certificates which confirm compatibility with appropriate standards

Why don't we read the manuals?

Usually it results from the lack of time and certainty about functionalities of purchased items. Unfortunately, networking and start-up of Poulan 952711951 alone are not enough. An instruction contains a number of clues concerning respective functionalities, safety rules, maintenance methods (what means should be used), eventual defects of Poulan 952711951, and methods of problem resolution. Eventually, when one still can't find the answer to his problems, he will be directed to the Poulan service. Lately animated manuals and instructional videos are quite popular among customers. These kinds of user manuals are effective; they assure that a customer will familiarize himself with the whole material, and won't skip complicated, technical information of Poulan 952711951.

Why one should read the manuals?

It is mostly in the manuals where we will find the details concerning construction and possibility of the Poulan 952711951 item, and its use of respective accessory, as well as information concerning all the functions and facilities.

After a successful purchase of an item one should find a moment and get to know with every part of an instruction. Currently the manuals are carefully prearranged and translated, so they could be fully understood by its users. The manuals will serve as an informational aid.

Table of contents for the manual

  • Page 1

    ENGLISH ESP AÑOL FRANÇAIS W ARNING: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Oper ating Inst ruc tions bef ore using th is product . F ailure t o do so ca n result in serious inj ury . ADVERTENCIA: Lea el manual de instrucc iones y s iga t odas las ad vert encias e instr ucciones de s eguridad. El no hac erlo puede resultar en le - siones grav es. A [...]

  • Page 2

    2 TAB L E OF C O N T E N T S Identificat ion of Safety Symbols 2 Safety Rules 4 Asse mb ly 6 Operat ion 10 Maintenance 17 Serv ice & A djustments 18 Storage 19 Troubleshooting T able 20 Limited Warranty S tatement 21 Emiss ions St atement 21 ID ENTIF ICA TIO N OF SA FETY SYMB OLS W ARNING: A lway s us e a metal s hield and dus t c up in the ord[...]

  • Page 3

    3 ID ENTIF ICA TIO N OF SA FETY SYMB OLS As sis t handle to be pos itioned only below the arr ow . When ser vic ing unit, use only identical replac ement parts. Nev er allow c hildren to operate this unit. Alway s stop unit and dis c onnect s park plug before c lean- ing or s erv icing. Store unit i ndoors in a high, dry plac e out of the reach of [...]

  • Page 4

    4 OPTIONAL ATTACHME NTS Cutting attachme nt / guard, Pow erhead m odel Att achments T ype part. no. Trimmer head WE fix ed line 545053902 / 530071919 Gras s blade /gras s c utter 4-point blad e, 530055892 / 530071383 8 ″ (20 cm) diameter Brus hcutt er attac hment PP4000C 95271 1610 Attachment s T ype Part. no . Edger attac hment PP1000E 95271 160[...]

  • Page 5

    5 drugs , or medic ation. Watc h what y ou are doing; use common sense. S Wear hearing protection. S Nev er s tart or run the engine ins ide a clos ed room or building. Breat hing exhaus t fumes c an kill. S Keep handles f ree of oil and fuel. S Alway s us e the handlebar and a properly adjusted s houlder s trap with a blade (see ASSEMBL Y). UNIT/ [...]

  • Page 6

    6 SPECIAL NOTICE: T his unit is equipped with a temperat ure limiting muffler and spar k arres ting sc reen which meets the require- ments of Cali fornia Codes 4442 and 4443. All U.S. fores t land and the s tates of California, Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, New J ers ey, Ore- gon, and Washington require by law that many internal c ombustion engines be e[...]

  • Page 7

    7 For as sembly of optional attac hments ( see list on page 1 1), refer to the ASSEMBL Y sec- tion of the applicable at tachment instr uction manual. A TT ACHING THE HANDL EBAR DANGER: T o av oid s erious inj ury, the barrier por tion of the handlebar must be ins talled as s how n to prov ide a barr ier betw een operat or and the s pinning bl ade. [...]

  • Page 8

    8 ASSEMBL Y INFORMA T ION - - TRI MMER HEA D TR IMME R HEAD NOTE: R emove the blade and metal shield be - fore at tachi ng the plas tic s hield and trimmer he ad . T o re m ove b lad e, align hole in the dus t cup w ith the hole in the s ide of the gearbox by rotating the blade. Inser t a small sc rew driv er into aligned holes. Th is wi ll ke ep t[...]

  • Page 9

    9 in the s ide of the gearbox b y rotating the dust cup. Ins ert a s mall sc r ewdri ver into aligned holes . This will keep t he s haft fr om t urning w hile loose ning the tr immer head. R emove t he trim- mer head by tur ning c loc kw ise. Remove t he scre wd rive r . T o re mo ve th e pl asti c shie ld , lo os- en and remov e wing nut. P ivot s[...]

  • Page 10

    10 OPER A TION KNOW YOUR UNIT READ THIS INSTRUCTIO N MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERA TING YO UR UNIT . Compare t he illus trations w ith y our unit to familiarize y ours elf with the loca tion of the vari ous contr ols and adjus tments . Sav e this manual for futur e refer enc e. Line Limiter Blade Handlebar ON/ST OP Swit ch Shield Tri mm e r [...]

  • Page 11

    11 WAR N I NG : Alt ernativ e fuels (not gas - oline) s uc h as E - - 15 (15% al cohol) , E - - 20 (20 % alcoh ol), E - - 85 (85% alc ohol) a re N O T clas s ified as gaso line and are N O T a pprov ed for use in 2- - s trok e gas oline engi nes. U s e of altern ative fuels w ill cau se pro blems s uc h as: i mproper clut ch enga gements , ov erhea[...]

  • Page 12

    12 3. W hile sec urely holding the engine and upper s haft, pull the attac hment s traight out of the coupler. INST ALLING OPTI ONAL A TT ACH - MENTS 1. R emove the s haft cap fr om the attach- men t (if present). 2. P osition loc k ing/releas e button of attach- ment into guide reces s of c oupler . 3. P ush the attachment into the c oupler until [...]

  • Page 13

    13 S For tr imming or sc alping, use les s than full throttle to inc reas e line life and dec reas e head wear, especially : S During light duty c utting. S Near objects around whic h the line c an wrap s uc h as s mall posts , trees or fenc e wir e. S For mowing or sw eeping, use full throttle for a good clean job. TRIMMING - - Hold the bottom o f[...]

  • Page 14

    14 adjust ed sho ulder st rap w ill s upport the weight of the unit , freeing your arms and hands to c ontr ol and guide th e c utting moti on. S Keep feet c omfortab ly s pread apart and brac ed for a poss ibl e s udden, rapi d thr ust of unit. Do not o ver reac h. Keep firm footing and balance . S Keep blade below w aist lev el; it w ill be easie[...]

  • Page 15

    15 S Nev er plac e objec ts ins ide the blowe r tubes , vac uum tu bes or bl ower outlet . A lway s dir ect the blowin g debris a way from people, animals, gl ass , and s olid objec ts suc h as trees , automobiles , wall s, etc . The forc e of air can cause rocks, dir t, or sti cks t o be thro wn or to ric oc het w hich c an hurt p eople or animals[...]

  • Page 16

    16 WAR N I NG : Falling objects c an caus e s ever e head injury. Wear head pr otec- tion when operat ing this unit w ith a pole prun- er attac hment. WAR N I NG : T o prevent serious injury , do not us e mor e than one boo m ex tens ion wi th a pole prun er attac hment. WAR N I NG : Keep the pruner away from pow er lines or elec tric al w ires . S[...]

  • Page 17

    17 MAINTE NANCE WAR N I NG : Disc onnec t the s park plug before perfor ming maintenance except for car buretor adjustments . HE LPFUL T IP IMPO R T AN T : Hav e all repairs other than the rec - ommended maintenance desc ribed in the instruc tion manual performed by an authoriz ed serv ic e dealer. If any dealer other than an authoriz ed ser vic e [...]

  • Page 18

    18 SERVIC E AND ADJUSTMENTS REPLACING THE LINE For unit to operate proper ly, the c utting line shoul d be replac ed when line bec omes wor n to less than 3 inches (7.5 c m) in length from the edge of the line ex it tunnel s on each side of the cut ting head. 1. R emove and dis c ard w orn line before installing new line. 2. U se only 0.1 15 inc h [...]

  • Page 19

    19 STORAGE WAR N I NG : Perform the follow ing steps af ter eac h use: S Allow engine to c ool befor e stor ing or tr ans- porting. S Store unit and fuel in a w ell v entilated area where fuel vapor s c annot reac h s park s or open f lames from w ater heaters , elec tric motors or s wit ches , furnac es , etc. S Store unit w ith all guards in plac[...]

  • Page 20

    20 TROUBLE CAUSE REMEDY Engine will not sta rt. 1. Engine flooded. 2. Fuel tank empty. 3. Spark plug not firing. 4. Fuel not reac hing carbur etor . 5. Carbur etor requires adjustment. 1. See “Starting a Flooded Engine” in Operation Sec tion. 2. Fill tank w ith c orrec t fuel mix ture. 3. Install new s park plug. 4. Check for dirt y fuel filter[...]

  • Page 21

    21 LIMI TED WA RRANTY Poulan PRO , a div ision of Hus qvar na Cons um - er Outdoor P roduc ts N.A ., Inc. , war rants t o the original c onsu mer pur c haser that eac h new Poulan PRO bra nd gas oline tool or attac hment is fr ee from defe cts in mat erial and w ork man - ship and agr ees t o repair or repl ace u nder this warr anty any defec tive [...]

  • Page 22

    22 abuse, neglec t, improper maintenanc e, un- approv ed modific ations , or t he use of parts not made or approv ed by the original equip- ment manufacturer. Y ou a re re s ponsibl e for pres enting y our s mall off- - r oad engine to an Poulan PR O authoriz ed r epair center as s oon as a pr oblem ex is ts. Warranty r epairs s hould be complet ed[...]