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A good user manual

The rules should oblige the seller to give the purchaser an operating instrucion of Nikon NX2, along with an item. The lack of an instruction or false information given to customer shall constitute grounds to apply for a complaint because of nonconformity of goods with the contract. In accordance with the law, a customer can receive an instruction in non-paper form; lately graphic and electronic forms of the manuals, as well as instructional videos have been majorly used. A necessary precondition for this is the unmistakable, legible character of an instruction.

What is an instruction?

The term originates from the Latin word „instructio”, which means organizing. Therefore, in an instruction of Nikon NX2 one could find a process description. An instruction's purpose is to teach, to ease the start-up and an item's use or performance of certain activities. An instruction is a compilation of information about an item/a service, it is a clue.

Unfortunately, only a few customers devote their time to read an instruction of Nikon NX2. A good user manual introduces us to a number of additional functionalities of the purchased item, and also helps us to avoid the formation of most of the defects.

What should a perfect user manual contain?

First and foremost, an user manual of Nikon NX2 should contain:
- informations concerning technical data of Nikon NX2
- name of the manufacturer and a year of construction of the Nikon NX2 item
- rules of operation, control and maintenance of the Nikon NX2 item
- safety signs and mark certificates which confirm compatibility with appropriate standards

Why don't we read the manuals?

Usually it results from the lack of time and certainty about functionalities of purchased items. Unfortunately, networking and start-up of Nikon NX2 alone are not enough. An instruction contains a number of clues concerning respective functionalities, safety rules, maintenance methods (what means should be used), eventual defects of Nikon NX2, and methods of problem resolution. Eventually, when one still can't find the answer to his problems, he will be directed to the Nikon service. Lately animated manuals and instructional videos are quite popular among customers. These kinds of user manuals are effective; they assure that a customer will familiarize himself with the whole material, and won't skip complicated, technical information of Nikon NX2.

Why one should read the manuals?

It is mostly in the manuals where we will find the details concerning construction and possibility of the Nikon NX2 item, and its use of respective accessory, as well as information concerning all the functions and facilities.

After a successful purchase of an item one should find a moment and get to know with every part of an instruction. Currently the manuals are carefully prearranged and translated, so they could be fully understood by its users. The manuals will serve as an informational aid.

Table of contents for the manual

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    SOFT W ARE User 's M anua l En[...]

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    Noti ces © 20 08 N i k S o f t w a re , I n c . A l l r i g h t s r es e r v e d. No pa r t o f t h i s m a n u a l m a y b e r ep r o d u c e d, t r a n s m i t t ed , t r a n s cr i b e d, s t o re d in a r etrieval syst em, or translat ed into any lang uage in any f orm, by any me ans, without Nik Softw are , Inc. ’ s prior written per miss i[...]

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    Chapter 2 — Chapte rs at a Glanc e 1 Chapter 2 Chapte rs at a Glanc e Chapt er 1 Notices & T radem ark Information Chapt er 2 Cha pters at a Glan ce . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Chapt er 3 T able of Conten ts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Chapt er 4 Intro d uction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [...]

  • Page 4

    2 Ch apte r 2 — C hap te rs at a G la nce[...]

  • Page 5

    Chapter 3 — T able of Cont ents 3 Chapter 3 T able of C ontents Chap ter 1 Notices & T rad emark Informatio n Notic es T radem ark Inform ation Chap ter 2 Chapte rs a t a Glanc e Chap ter 3 T able of Contents Chap ter 4 Intr oduc ti on RA W File F ormat Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Camera Relationship . . . . [...]

  • Page 6

    4 Chapter 3 — Table of Contents Cache Settings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 6 Browsin g Cac he . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 6 Editing Cach e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 XMP/IPT C Presets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [...]

  • Page 7

    Chapter 3 — T able of Cont ents 5 Ma naging XMP /IPTC Prese ts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86 Chap ter 12 Activity T oolbar Work space Selector . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87 Launch Nikon Tran sfer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87 Print . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[...]

  • Page 8

    6 Chapter 3 — Table of Contents Sam ple Size . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 4 Chap ter 17 The Color Picker Color W heel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 6 Color Triangle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 56 RGB Selec tion Boxes . . . . .[...]

  • Page 9

    Chapter 3 — T able of Cont ents 7 Red . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 7 Green . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 197 Blue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 7 Color > Co lor Booster . . . . . .[...]

  • Page 10

    8 Chapter 3 — Table of Contents Compar e in Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 35 Compar e with Or iginal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 6 Chap ter 24 Windo w Menu W orkspace. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .237 Reset W orkspace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [...]

  • Page 11

    Chapter 4 — Int roduc tion | RA W File F ormat Benefits 9 Chapter 4 Introduc tion Capture NX 2 con tains a wide range of improvements de signed to mak e it an even more c omplete a nd powe r ful pho to editin g applica tion spec ifically desi g ned for photography. The inter face and tools in Capture NX 2 provide you wit h a ne w intuitive approa[...]

  • Page 12

    10 Chap ter 4 — I ntroduc ti on | Came ra Re lat ion sh ip Camera Rela tionship Capture NX 2 was designed to sup por t JPEG an d TIFF file s and to provide uniq ue features that full y suppor t Nikon digital came ras, allowing y ou to change many of th e settings sele cted in your camera. Aft er opening a NEF RA W file within Capt ure NX 2, you c[...]

  • Page 13

    Chapter 5 — Sy stem Requirements & Ins tallation | System Requirem ents 11 Chapter 5 S y stem Requir ements & Installa tion Sy stem R equirements Win d ows Macintosh F or the latest in format ion on this application , visit th e fo llowing s ites: F or users in the U .S.A.: http ://ww w .nikonusa.c o m Fo r u s e r s i n E u r o p e a n d[...]

  • Page 14

    12 Chapter 5 — System Req uirements & Installat ion | Install ation Installation Win d ow s T o inst all Capture N X 2 into the Windows operatin g system, follow these steps: Macint osh T o inst all Capture N X 2 into the M acintosh operati ng system , follow thes e steps: 1 Place th e Captu re NX 2 s etup CD int o yo ur comput er’ s CD or [...]

  • Page 15

    Chapter 5 — Sy stem Requirements & Inst allation | Ins tallation 13 Color Management O ptio ns Once the setu p wiz ard has insta lled th e file s onto you r comp uter , you wi ll be provided with o ptions to set up your co lor m anageme nt preferences. The co lor ma nagement setti ngs provided within the set up wiz ard enabl es you t o set th[...]

  • Page 16

    14 Chapter 5 — System Req uirements & Installat ion | Nikon User Support Information (U .S.A.) Upgr adin g F rom Cap ture NX V ersion 1 When u pgrad ing from Capture NX ve rsion 1, follow the i nstal latio n instru cti ons a s liste d prev iousl y in th is chapter . Both Capture NX ver sion 1 and Capture NX 2 can be installed on the same comp[...]

  • Page 17

    Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Launching C apture NX 2 15 Chapter 6 Ge tt ing S tart ed Launching Capture NX 2 In the Win dows ope rating sy stem, Captur e NX 2 can be opened by navi gating to the s tar t me nu, selec ting the programs menu, rolling over the Capture NX 2 menu item, and selecting Captur e NX 2. In the Mac intosh op erating sy ste[...]

  • Page 18

    16 Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Wel co me S c re en W elcome Scr een Upon launching , Captur e NX 2 will displ ay the “ W elcome ” scree n, which lists the la st files and fo lders that you accessed. q Open Recent Image The Open Rece nt Image section contains a list of the most recent images that were opened within Capture NX 2. Th e last [...]

  • Page 19

    Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Brow sing and Opening Images 17 Brow si ng and Opening Images Capture NX 2 provides you with a number of ways of locat ing and openi ng images in order to enhance them . Using the Browser T o open an ima ge using t he browser, follow these s teps: Us ing Open Image T o open an image using Open Image … , follow th[...]

  • Page 20

    18 Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Browsi ng and Opening Images Usin g V iewNX T o open an imag e from View NX, follow these steps: Us ing Niko n T ran sfer T o open a folder of images tr ansferred to your computer using N iko n Transfer , follow these s teps: After the next tran sfer is compl eted , the f older ide ntifie d in the pri mar y dest[...]

  • Page 21

    Chapter 6 — Getti ng Star ted | File Format Differences 19 File F ormat Differences Capture N X 2 su ppor ts th ree different file for mats: N EF , TI FF , a nd JPE G. NEF The NEF , or Nikon Elec tronic F ormat, was designed as the ar chive file f ormat for your images. The NEF file form at saves the co mplete cont ents o f the Edit List palette [...]

  • Page 22

    20 Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Workflow Sug gestions JPEG Th e J PE G f il e fo r ma t is one o f th e mo st w ide l y u se d f il e for ma ts . T hi s f il e fo r ma t en ab le s yo u to s av e a gre ate r number of images using the same amount of hard disk space as the other file formats . T o create such a small file si ze, a f o rm of com[...]

  • Page 23

    Chap ter 6 — G etting Star ted | W orkflow Suggestions 21 F ollowing these simple gui delines can he lp improve t he quali ty of yo ur images and provid e a more struc tured approach to enhancing your images. 2 Next, mo dify elem ents tha t affect only lo caliz ed areas , such as ble mishes an d small di stracting elem ents. 3 Then, apply effect [...]

  • Page 24

    22 Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Printing Printing Capture NX 2 provides you wit h a full range of printin g options. The pr int func tion is both easy and powerful, enabling yo u to create high quality , fully color managed prints. Y ou can select Pr int… from th e Fil e menu at any time to pri nt the c urrent i mage, or you can sele ct mul [...]

  • Page 25

    Chapter 6 — Gett ing Sta rted | Printing 23 3 Click on the Select La you t option and choose 1 Photo on Page . 4 If the image ’ s orienta tion i s differ ent from th e paper you will p rint to (such as when you print a landsc ape orient ed pictu re), ch eck the Rotate to Fit opti on. 5 If de sired, che ck the Crop Ph otos to Fit option to ensur[...]

  • Page 26

    24 Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Printing Prin ting an I mage U sing t he Set tings F ound W ithin th e Size / Re solution Dialog T o pr int an image using the s ize and resol ution setting s made with t he Size / Reso lution tool, f ollow these step s: 6 Review the settings with in the “ Color Managemen t ” tab and then c lick Print . 1 En[...]

  • Page 27

    Chapter 6 — Gett ing Sta rted | Printing 25 3 Check t he Us e Ou tp ut Reso lu ti on op tion. If the image is lar ger than the page , click on the Pa ge Setup button an d sele ct the a ppropr iate pa per size that the im age will fit upon. 4 If the image ’ s orienta tion i s differ ent from th e paper you will p rint to (such as when you print [...]

  • Page 28

    26 Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Printing Print ing cont ac t she ets T o print a series of i mages as a contact sheet, f ollow thes e steps: 1 Open the Brow ser palett e and sele ct the ima ges yo u would l i ke to p rint. T o select multi ple files , hold either the Shift key and cl ick on the fi rst and last images of a r ange, or hold the C[...]

  • Page 29

    Chapter 6 — Gett ing Sta rted | Printing 27 F or more inf ormation on the v ariou s option s availa ble in th e “P rint la you t ” win dow , please see “P rint…” in Chapter 18, “File Menu” . 4 Click on the Select La you t option, and then in the pro vided p ull-down m enu, choose th e numbe r of image s you would like to di splay on[...]

  • Page 30

    28 Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Batch Pr ocessing Batch Processing Batch processing is the automatic application of one or more enhan cements t o a se ries of i mages. T ypically , a photog rapher wil l use a batch proc ess to apply a pr ed efin ed se ries o f ad just ments to seve ral imag es at on ce. Ca pt ur e NX 2 co nt a in s e ve n m or[...]

  • Page 31

    Chapte r 6 — G etting Star ted | Batch Pr ocessing 29 4 Navigate to the Ba tch menu and se lect Run Batch Proces s… . Y ou will then be pres ented with the Batch Proce ss dialog. 5 Click on the Browse… button in the Sour ce se ction and loca te the f older of image s yo u wish t o proc ess. 6 Check t he Apply Settings ch eckbox, ensure tha t [...]

  • Page 32

    30 Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Batch Pr ocessing The Processing Q ueue will be displayed and the batch pro cess will start. T o paus e the bat ch pr ocess , click on the Pa us e butt on wi thin the Processing Queue . T o prev ent an image from being processed, highlight the image in the queu e and th en click o n the Clear from list butt on u[...]

  • Page 33

    Chapte r 6 — G etting Star ted | Batch Pr ocessing 31 Adding XMP/IPT C data to a series of imag es using an XMP/ IPT C preset 1 Open an image within Capture NX 2, open the Metad ata palett e, and add the desired XMP/IPT C data to an image . 2 Navigate to the Ba tch menu and se lect Sa ve XMP/ IPTC Preset… . W ithin the d ialog that is disp laye[...]

  • Page 34

    32 Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Batch Pr ocessing The XMP/IPTC inf ormation you added to the XMP/IPTC pr eset will then be added to all of the s elected image s. 3 Open the Brow ser palett e and sele ct the ima ges yo u would like to apply the XMP/IP TC info rmation to . T o select all of the images in t he curren t folde r , navigat e to the [...]

  • Page 35

    Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Conv ert ing NEF RAW files into JPEG or TIFF files 33 C onv er ting NEF R A W fi les into JPEG or TIFF files Capture NX 2 can qu ick ly and e asily conver t N EF RAW fil es that are produced by yo ur N ikon di gital ca mera into JPEG o r TIFF files, whic h can th en be open ed and use d by other a pplic ations. T o[...]

  • Page 36

    34 Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Converting NEF R A W file s into JPEG or TIF F files Y ou can che ck the status of the conversi on process in the Proc essing Queue and you can pause t he process by click ing on t he Details show/h ide tri angle in the Proc essing Queue and clic kin g on the Pa us e button . T o cancel the process, clic k on th[...]

  • Page 37

    Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Conv ert ing NEF RAW files into JPEG or TIFF files 35 T o con vert selec ted files fr om the Bro wser 1 Open t he Br ow ser palette a nd select th e files y ou want to con ver t from NE F RA W to JPEG or TIFF . T o select mul tiple file s, ei ther hold the Shift key and click on the firs t and last images of a rang[...]

  • Page 38

    36 Chapter 6 — Gett ing Star ted | Converting NEF R A W file s into JPEG or TIF F files Click Star t to begi n conver tin g the fi les. 4 In t he Fi le na m e section, se lect the file forma t to con vert the imag es to , either TIF F or JPEG. 5 The Advan ced sec tion provid es you with optio ns for the sele cted file forma t.[...]

  • Page 39

    Chapter 7 — Preferences 37 Chapter 7 Pr ef erenc es Prefer ences modif y the def ault behav ior of Capt ure NX 2. Preferences can be found eithe r under the Edit menu in Windows or the Capture NX 2 menu in M acintosh. There a re nine di fferent categor ies of pref erenc es: • Genera l • Color Managemen t • L evel s & Sampli ng •D i s [...]

  • Page 40

    38 Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s | Gen era l Gene ra l O pen W ith Applica tion Choose this op tion to selec t th e appl ication you wis h to us e when op ening files with the Open With… command in t he Fil e menu. Plac e Op en W ith TIFF F ile In The Place Open W ith TIFF file in option allows you to determine where to plac e the TIFF files crea[...]

  • Page 41

    Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s | Gene ral 39 Default Sav e As Use th is opti on to deter mine th e defaul t file type in the “Save As… ” dialog. T he following options a re available : • Same as original file Select the Same as original file option to set the defaul t file type in th e “Save As” dialog to the fil e ty pe of t he ima ge b[...]

  • Page 42

    40 Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s | Colo r Ma na ge ment C olor M anagement Default RGB Co lor Space Use thi s opti on to se t the def ault R GB space tha t is us ed for you r imag es. Use This Instead of Embedded Profile This op tion ca uses Cap ture NX 2 to automa ticall y conver t the im age from the embed ded p rofile to the profile as defined i[...]

  • Page 43

    Chapter 7 — Preferences | Colo r M anag em en t 41 Int ent Use th is preference to set the de fault rendering intent for the variou s color m anag ement fea tures throughout Capture NX 2. The di fferent rendering intent s con trol how color s from your image are made to fit into t he color s that your pri nter c an produce a s indi cated by th e [...]

  • Page 44

    42 Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s | Levels & Sampling Lev els & S ampling Leve l s & Cur ve s The option s within the “Levels & Cur ves” secti on enabl e you to set th e defaul t value s for controls found with in the “ Lev els & Curves ” step . Set Bl ack Point Use th is opti on to set the b lack poi nt to a different co[...]

  • Page 45

    Chapter 7 — P refere nces | Levels & Samp ling 43 Dropper Sample Siz e Use th is opti on to set the sa mple siz e of the d roppers used wi thin th e “Color Picker ” , “Levels & Cur ves” , and “ Watch Point” elem ents of Capture NX 2. When Poi nt S a mp le is sel ected, a single p ixel will be sa mpled when a droppe r is u sed.[...]

  • Page 46

    44 Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s | Dis pla y Display Grid The opti ons withi n the “Gr id” secti on enable you to control wha t is dis played when the Sh ow Gr id option is turned on from the Vi ew me nu. Grid C olor Click on the color patch to brin g up the color pic ker and selec t the color for th e gridline s displayed on top of the i mage [...]

  • Page 47

    Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s | Dis play 45 Sel ectio n Ov erl ay The option s with in the “Sel ection Overla y” sect ion en able y ou to contr ol the appe aran ce of th e ov erla y displayed when Selection Displa y > Sh ow Overl ay is selec ted i n the Vi ew men u. The optio ns se lec ted within this sect ion will deter mine h ow the c urre[...]

  • Page 48

    46 Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s | Cache Settings Cache Settings Capture NX 2 utilizes t wo caching systems: a browsing cache and an edit ing cache . Both cach e syst ems speed up the interact ion of Capture NX 2 by storin g processed information on the hard disk , enabling Capture NX 2 to use t he cached i nformatio n instead of reprocessing t he [...]

  • Page 49

    Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s | Cache Settings 47 With the defau lt sett ings, Capt ure NX 2 wil l utili ze up to 2 gigab ytes of hard d isk space to store cache f iles. I f all 2 giga bytes of a llocated sp ace are uti lized by cac he fil es, Capture NX 2 will begin to replace t he oldes t cache files wit h new cache files . In this manner , the f[...]

  • Page 50

    48 Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s | XMP/IPTC Presets XMP/IPT C Presets XMP/I PTC presets e nable you to create different se ts of XM P/IPTC data t hat can then be ap plied to either a single image or to a group of images. A vaila ble Pres ets P res ets that you cre ate or save w ithin C aptur e NX 2 will be displa yed within the “ A vailable P res[...]

  • Page 51

    Chapter 7 — Preferen ces | XMP/IPT C Pr eset s 49 New The New but ton creates a new, empt y XMP/ IPTC preset. Af ter cl ick ing on this button, you will be provide d with a dialog to enter t he nam e for the XMP /IPTC preset. This name wil l be dis played in th e Load XM P/IPTC Preset sub-menu of t he Batch menu. After crea ting a new XMP /IPT C [...]

  • Page 52

    50 Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s | Labels Labels Label Compati bilit y Use the Label Comp atibili ty pull- down menu if you use anothe r digital as set mana gement soft ware app licatio n to tag and so rt your ima g es. Captur e NX 2 supports a number of digital as set management software applic ations. If you select th e appropri ate option from t[...]

  • Page 53

    Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s | Ma nage Setti ng s 51 Av ai lable La bels The m aximum number of labe ls avai lable depend s on the sel ection in t he Label Compa tibility pull-down menu. Y ou ca n choo se the n umber of lab els to dis play by c lick ing on the radio bu tton nex t to th e desi red number of labels . Manage Settings The Manage Setti[...]

  • Page 54

    52 Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s | Wor ks p ac es W orkspaces The “ W or kspaces” sec tion of the preferences enab les you to modify t he work spaces provided with in Capture NX 2 . B y d ef au lt , Ca p tur e NX 2 p rov id e s yo u wit h f ou r d if fere nt w or ks pa ce s. W it hi n t hi s tab, a dd it io na l wo r ks pa ce s can be added or [...]

  • Page 55

    Chapter 7 — Preferences | W orkspace s 53 Delete Clicki ng the Delete button will remove the highli ghted workspace from in the “My Workspaces” section. Please n ote tha t, you cannot d elete a defa ult works pace.[...]

  • Page 56

    54 Chap ter 7 — P ref erence s[...]

  • Page 57

    Chapter 8 — Inter f ace | Over view 55 Chapter 8 Inter face Capture N X 2’ s inter fac e was de signed to put all of the i mpor tan t tools for e nhanci ng a digita l pho tograph right at your finge r tips . This secti on contain s a brief overview o f each of the ma in elem ents that ma ke up the Captur e NX 2 inter face, as w e ll as inf orma[...]

  • Page 58

    56 Chapter 8 — Inter fa ce | Ov e rview r Fol d e rs The folder s palet te provides you with an ea sy-to-a ccess palette wh ich disp lays th e content o f an entire folder in th e browser . For more informati on, pleas e see Chapte r 10, “Th e Fo lders P alett e” . t Metadata The Metadata palet te displays informa tion a bout the image provid[...]

  • Page 59

    Cha pter 8 — I nter face | W orkspaces 57 W orkspaces Workspace s are new in Capture NX 2, enabling you t o quick ly change tasks while displayin g only the palette s and wind ows neces sar y for that tas k. Cap ture NX 2 come s with four different def ault wor kspaces and pr ovides you wit h the ability to c reat e custom w orkspaces. Selecting [...]

  • Page 60

    58 Chapter 8 — Inter fa ce | W orkspaces Metadata The met adata wor kspa ce is desi gned to provide y ou with op timum wor kspac e to review and add met adata to you r images. With in this workspace only the Browser and Metadata palettes are displayed. The Metadata palette displa ys both info rmation about the camera and exposure along with XMP/I[...]

  • Page 61

    Cha pter 8 — I nter face | W orkspaces 59 T o create a custom wor kspace, follow thes e steps : Y ou ca n then assign a shor tcut to this ne w works pace by foll owing the se steps: 1 Arra nge t he pal ett es and wind ows accordi ng to your ta ste. 2 Navigate to the Wind ow m enu a nd se lect the Wo rk sp a c es sub-menu , then select Sa ve Wo rk[...]

  • Page 62

    60 Chapter 8 — Inter fa ce | W orking with Multiple Screens T o access your custom wor kspaces, navigate to t he Wi n d ow menu a nd s elect the My W orkspac es sub- menu, th en se lec t the d esired worksp ace to a pply. Altern ativel y , cli ck on t he work space selec tor, select the My W orkspaces sub-menu and select the desired workspace . W[...]

  • Page 63

    Chapter 8 — Inter f ace | W ork ing with M ultiple Screens 61 A Please n ote : Only default workspac es can be applied in this manner . Custom workspaces always are applied to all available screens. A Please n ote : Some workspaces cannot be used in conjunc tion with another . The follo wing table shows the available combinations. Desktop The des[...]

  • Page 64

    62 Chapter 8 — Inter fa ce | Im age Window Image W indow Image windows are the frames that contain y our images and provi de you with impor tant data which can help you en hance t he imag e. Image w indows a re displayed as l ong as Cap ture NX 2 i s not in the full s creen or presentati on modes. Each image wi ndow displ ays imp or tant inf orma[...]

  • Page 65

    Chap ter 8 — In ter face | Image W indow 63 t So ft Pr oof The sof t proof feature e nables you to previ ew the e ffect of an output p rofile on your image , appro ximating the results you can expe ct from yo ur printe r . The soft pro of function provides yo u with con trols to prev iew th e use of different profiles. I t als o allows you to se [...]

  • Page 66

    64 Chapter 8 — Inter fa ce | Im age Window Sof t pro of o ffers t he foll owin g opti ons : T a rget Pr ofile Select the colo r prof ile fr om the li st to view th e resu lt of th e color ma nage ment syst em and to pr eview how the different color manage ment settings w ill aff ec t your image. Intent Choos e from fo ur diff eren t ren dering in[...]

  • Page 67

    Cha pter 8 — I nter face | Window & P alette Functionality 65 W indow & P alette F unc tionalit y Each p alette wit hin Capture N X 2 provides you with a n umber of di fferent cont rols for that p alette. q Minimi zin g & Maximizi ng Palettes Click ing on the M inim ize / Max imize b utton eith er exp ands or c ollapse s a pa lette. I[...]

  • Page 68

    66 Chapter 8 — Inter fa ce | W indow & Palette F unct ionality Fin d in g Pa le t te s Undock i ng many pale ttes c an som etimes mak e it diff icult to loca te that pale tte. All palet tes and wind ows can be located us ing the Wi n d ow menu. Th e most frequen tly used pa lettes and wi ndows are listed direc tly in the Win d ow men u, while[...]

  • Page 69

    Chapter 9 — The Bro wser | B row ser Overview 67 Chapter 9 Th e B r ows e r Bro wser Ov er view The brows er ha s been gr eatly upda ted for Captu re NX 2 to p rov ide ev en more contr ol ove r brow sing and sort ing through your images. The Br ows er palette now cont ains enhan ced tagging and ra ting functionality, new filt ering and sorting fu[...]

  • Page 70

    68 Chapter 9 — T he Browse r | O p ening a Folder of Im ages in the Browser Opening a F older of Images in the Brow ser The browser provides you with a number of ways of di splaying a folde r of images. By default, the br owser displays t he “My Pictures” ( Windows) or “Pictures” (Macintos h) folder . T o open a folder of images i n the b[...]

  • Page 71

    Chapter 9 — Th e Browser | O pening a F o lder of Images in t he Browse r 69 Us ing Niko n T ran sfer Y ou can also use Nikon Transf er to open a folder of images transferr ed to your comput er . T o open a folder in the browser afte r the tr ansfer op eratio n has c omplete d, follow thes e steps: After the ne xt transfer is compl eted, the fold[...]

  • Page 72

    70 Chapter 9 — T he Browse r | N avigati ng Within the B rowser Navigating W ithin the Brow ser At th e to p-left of th e Br owser pale tte are three b uttons th at help you choose whi ch folder to di splay wit hin the brows er . F iltering T ools Capture NX 2 contains ne w filtering tools to help you display only images according to label, ratin[...]

  • Page 73

    Chapter 9 — T he Browse r | Fi lter ing T o ols 71 w F ilter by Rating The fi lter by ra ting tool l ets you c hoose whic h imag es to disp lay within the b rowser based on the ratings that you appl ied previously, either within Capture NX 2 or withi n one of th e soft ware applications with whic h Cap ture NX 2 prov ides c ompat ibil ity. T o us[...]

  • Page 74

    72 Chapter 9 — T he Browse r | Sor ting T ools Sor ting T ool s The “Sorting T ools ” let you choose the or der that im ages a re disp layed in wi thin th e curr ent fol der . Sort By The Sort section determi nes the p rima r y sor ting method for t he current folder. After s elect ing th e pri mar y s or ting method, choose to h ave the imag[...]

  • Page 75

    Chap te r 9 — The Bro wser | Labeling and Rating T oolbar 73 Label ing an d Rati ng T ool bar The labe ling and rati ng toolbar c an be fo und at the bott om of the br owser palett e and prov ides you with tools to ad d lab els and/ or rati ngs to you r images. Ad d L ab e l The add label section of the labeling an d rating toolbar display s the [...]

  • Page 76

    74 Chapter 9 — T he Browse r | B row ser Header Brow ser Header Displa yed at the to p of the br owser is the br owser header . This section pr ovide s inf ormation about the current f older as well as contr ol over the s ize of the thumbn ails display ed within the f older . On the left side of the browser heade r is the number of image s within[...]

  • Page 77

    Chap te r 9 — The Br ows er | Browser View Se lec tor 75 ❏ Name The im age’ s fi le name an d extension are displayed under the thumbnail. T o ren ame the curr ent fil e, click once on the f ile na me to highl ight it and a seco nd time to cha nge the f ile name. You will not be ab le to change th e file’ s ex tension in th is manne r . T o[...]

  • Page 78

    76 Chapter 9 — T he Browse r | Brows er V iew Sele ctor Thu mbnail List The thumbnail list places important information about each image in a column and enables you to sort by each of t he columns. In thumb nail list view, the thumbnail size selector offers a c hoice of three thumbnail s izes. The avai lable columns in the thumbnail li st are: ?[...]

  • Page 79

    Chap te r 9 — The Br ows er | Browser View Se lec tor 77 ❏ Extras The Extras column displays additional inf ormation about the image. Y ou cannot sor t images by this column. XMP/IPTC Data Icon The XMP/I PTC data icon is displayed whenever the current image ha s XMP/ IPT C data. Vo i c e M e m o I c o n The voice memo icon i s disp layed for im[...]

  • Page 80

    78 Chapter 9 — T he Browse r | O p ening Imag es from the Browser Opening Images from the Browser Im ages in the browser can be op ened in the ed itor eithe r by double - click ing on the des ired image, or selec ting m ultiple i mages and use th e Open Image command from t he File menu. Alter native ly, you can press th e enter k ey on your ke y[...]

  • Page 81

    Chapter 10 — The Folder s Palette 79 Chapter 10 T he F olders P alette The Fo l d e r s pal ette displ ays the fol ders on your hard disk in the same ma nner as the oper ating s ystem. Capture NX 2’ s Fo l d e r s palette is now spli t into two section s: the “F av orite F older s” sect ion and th e “F older Struct ure ” se ction.[...]

  • Page 82

    80 Chapter 10 — The Folders Palette | F avor ite Folder s Sec tio n F a vorit e F olde rs Section The “F avorite F older s” secti on provi des quic k acces s to th e most often used folders and enables you t o add and remo ve fo lders to and from this section. Addin g F av orites T o add a fold er to the “F avori te F olders” sec tion, cl[...]

  • Page 83

    Chap ter 11 — The Met adata Palette | File & C amera Information Sec tion 81 Chapter 11 T he Me tadata P al ette The Metadata palette contains a lis t of information regar ding the current image as well as access to the IPT C info rmation for that image . U se this pal ette to revie w the image’ s camera and exposure inf ormation as well as[...]

  • Page 84

    82 Chapter 11 — The M etadata Palette | XMP/ IPTC Informati on Section XMP/IPT C Information Section The “XMP/IPT C I nformation ” section contains a standardized list of text fields t hat can be used to i ndicate the co pyright a nd usag e requirements of your i mages. The cont ents of t he “XM P/IPT C Info rmation ” s ection was origina[...]

  • Page 85

    Chapter 11 — The M etad ata Palette | XMP/IPTC Information Section 83 When more than one image is selected , inform ation that is shared be tween images will be disp layed while informat ion tha t is different in each i mage wi ll be i dentifi ed with a “– ” . You can replace th e different conte nts of each image with the same informatio n[...]

  • Page 86

    84 Chapter 11 — The M etadata Palette | XMP/ IPTC Informati on Section Creating XMP/IPTC Pr esets XMP/IPT C preset s enable you to create a collect ion of fr equently used XMP/IPT C information that can be late r applie d to one o r mor e image s in a mor e effic ient man n er . Multi ple XMP/IPT C pres ets can be cre ated and late r accessed wit[...]

  • Page 87

    Chapter 11 — The M etad ata Palette | XMP/IPTC Information Section 85 2 Navigate to the Ba tch menu and se lect Sa ve XMP/ IPT C Prese t . Altern ativ ely, you c an clic k on the batc h menu loc ated to t he left of the la beling and r ating tool bar a nd se lec t Save XMP /IPTC Preset . 3 In the “Sav e XMP/IPT C Pres et” dialog that appe ars[...]

  • Page 88

    86 Chapter 11 — The M etadata Palette | XMP/ IPTC Informati on Section Loading XMP/IPTC Pr esets After c reating on e or more XM P/IPTC presets us ing the Sav e XMP/IPT C Preset option, you can load an XM P/ IP TC p re se t t o o ne or m ore i ma ge s. T o us e a n XM P/ IP TC p re se t to l oa d X MP /I P TC in fo r ma ti on to o ne or mor e ima[...]

  • Page 89

    Chapter 12 — Ac tivity T oolbar | Wor ks p ac e S e le c t or 87 Chapter 12 A c tivity T oolbar The a ctiv ity to olbar provi des acce ss to three of th e most often acc essed func tions wi thin Ca pture NX 2: workspaces, import ing images , and printing images . W orkspace Selec tor Use th e worksp ace selec tor to acce ss th e different work sp[...]

  • Page 90

    88 Chapter 12 — Activity T oolbar | Print Print Click th e print but ton to o pen the C apture NX 2 “Print Lay out ” dialog an d begin prin ting yo ur images. F or more on th e Capture NX 2 “Print Layout ” dialog, please see the “Print ” s ection in Chapter 1 8, “File Menu” .[...]

  • Page 91

    Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | To o l O p t i o n s B a r 89 Chapter 13 Th e T o o l b a r T ool Options Bar The tool options bar can be found directly beneat h the t oolba r and provides access to controls specific to a tool. The crop tool, auto retouch br ush, lasso and marquee tools , selection brush, se lection gradient, and fill / remove tools [...]

  • Page 92

    90 Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | Hand T ool Hand T ool The hand tool enable s you to move within an image. Select this t ool when viewing an image that does not fit in th e imag e windo w. Cli ck and dr ag to r eposition the cont ents of the win dow . Doubl e -cl ick thi s tool to fit t he cur rent imag e to the editor s o tha t the en tire imag e [...]

  • Page 93

    Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | Rotate T oo l 91 Rotate T ool The rotate tool is use d to rotate im ages 90 ° clock wis e or counter- clockw ise. Click on this button to rotate the image 90° in the d irect ion i ndicat ed. Hold th e Alt k ey ( Window s) or option k ey (M acintosh) a nd click on this button to rotate the image 9 0° other direc tion[...]

  • Page 94

    92 Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | St raig hten T ool T o strai ghten your image usi ng the s traighte n tool, follow th ese step s: 1 With an image open withi n the edit or , click the straight en tool in th e toolbar . 2 Locat e a line within the image that s hould be either vertical or hor izontal and click on the start of the line. Holding t he m[...]

  • Page 95

    Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | Crop T ool 93 Crop T ool The crop tool enables you to remove areas from the margins of your im age or to c hange the aspect ratio of your image. T o add a crop to your im age, follow thes e steps: 5 If you ar e satisf ied with the straigh tening eff ec t, contin ue editin g your image us ing the other tools available w[...]

  • Page 96

    94 Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | Cr op T ool The crop tool offers the following tool opti ons: Crop Method Choose from one of t hree different cropping meth ods. ❏ Fre e C r op This crop method e nables you to freely draw a cropping rectangle. ❏ Fi xe d As p e c t R at i o Choose from one o f the predetermi ned aspect ratios or s elect Cus to m[...]

  • Page 97

    Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | Bl ack Cont rol P oint 95 Black Contr o l P oint The black control point enables you t o place a control point directly on your image , and to cause that targeted c olor to n ot only become b lack , but also to neut ral ize the dark t ones of your image . Black c ontr ol points are normally set on what should be the da[...]

  • Page 98

    96 Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | Bl ack Cont rol P oint After a black control poi nt is added to the i mage, the following opt ions will be available in the B / W / N Contro l Po int step of the Edi t List palette: Black C ontrol P oint Method Use the bla ck control po int m ethod pul l- down menu to switch bet ween con troll ing o nly the lumi nos[...]

  • Page 99

    Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | Bl ack Cont rol P oint 97 Advan ced Click on the Adva nced show/h ide tri angle t o displa y the addi tional co ntrols for th e bl ack con trol poin t. The value s set for th e selected black c ontrol point are displa yed enabling you to e nter a n ew val ue direc tly to adjust the ef fect of the control p oint.[...]

  • Page 100

    98 Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | Neu tral Co nt rol Poi nt Neutral C ontrol Point Neutral con trol points enable you to correct a color cast in your ph otograph by forcing the targeted co lor to become ne utral. In its default oper ation, th e neutral control poin t will chan ge the col or value s in th e targeted col or so th at the red, green, an[...]

  • Page 101

    Chapter 13 — The T ool bar | N eut ral Co ntro l Poi nt 99 T o add a neutral co ntrol po int to your image, follow th ese step s: After a neutra l cont rol poin t is a dded to th e ima ge, the foll owing op tions wi ll be availab le in the B / W / N Contr ol Point step of the Edit List palet te: 1 Click on the neutral control point icon in the to[...]

  • Page 102

    100 Chapt er 13 — T he T oo lba r | N eut ral C ontro l Poin t Neutral Control Po int Metho d Use the neutral control po int method pull-down menu t o switch be tween contr olling only the color balance of the Neutral Cont rol P oint or affecting the lumin osity , or brig htness, as well. RGB Me thod The RGB method of the neutral con trol point a[...]

  • Page 103

    Chap te r 13 — T he T o olba r | White Control Point 101 Advan ced Click on the Adva nced show/h ide tri angle t o displa y the addit ional contr ols for the neu tral contr ol poin t. The values set for t he sele cted neut ral control po int are di splayed enab ling you to enter a new v alue d irectl y to adju st the eff ect of th e contr ol po i[...]

  • Page 104

    102 Chapt er 13 — T he T oo lba r | White Control Po int T o add a w hite con trol point to your ima ge, follow th ese steps: After a white c ontrol poin t is a dded to th e ima ge, the followin g opti ons will be ava ilable i n the B / W / N Contro l Po int step of the Edi t List palette: Whit e Co ntrol Point Meth od Use th e whit e contr ol po[...]

  • Page 105

    Chapt er 13 — T he T oolbar | Co lo r Con tro l Poin t 103 RGB Method The RGB method of the wh ite control poi nt enables y ou to set the indiv idual red, green, and blue values of the lightest color in th e ima ge. This o ption is he lpfu l if you r pr inter requ ires a n on-neut ral wh ite. Wit hin t his mode, you are presented with indivi dual[...]

  • Page 106

    104 Chapt er 13 — T he T oo lba r | Co lo r Con trol Poin t Each col or control p oint th at is place d on an ob ject i n your image iden tifies the char acter istics of the color as well as the level of detail of that object, enabling y ou to make adjustments to the color of that object. With th e use of the si ze slider, you are abl e to increa[...]

  • Page 107

    Chapt er 13 — T he T oolbar | Co lo r Con tro l Poin t 105 Addition al color control p oints c an be added to the imag e by rep eatin g the step s lis ted above. T o de lete a color co ntrol poin t, cli ck on th e colo r control poin t in th e image or in t he Edit List p alette and press the del ete key on the keyb oard. After a color contr ol p[...]

  • Page 108

    106 Chapt er 13 — T he T oo lba r | Co lo r Con trol Poin t Show Sele c tion The Show Selection che ckb ox enabl es you to se e where the current col or control point is a ffect ing the image. Area s ink ed in white are be ing af fected by the color control po int, wh ile areas i nked in bla ck are not bei ng aff ected by t he colo r contr ol poi[...]

  • Page 109

    Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | Red-Ey e Cont rol Po int 107 Advanced The Advan ced me thod prov ides superio r r esults when ligh tenin g shad ows o r wor k ing with i mage s wit h a high l evel of noi se or gr ain. Click on th e Advan ced show/hid e triang le to disp lay the add itional controls for th e color cont rol point s tep. The val ues set [...]

  • Page 110

    108 Chapt er 13 — T he T oo lba r | Auto Retouch Brush A uto Ret ouch Br ush The auto retouch br ush enab les you to automati cally repair unwanted d etails foun d withi n the i mage. Use this tool to remo ve dust spot s, blemis hes, o r distr acting o bjects , with a uniqu e blen ding a lgor ithm th at match es th e sur roundin g structure, colo[...]

  • Page 111

    Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | Auto Retouch Br ush 109 The au to retouch brush provides you with th e following cont rols: Size Changing the Size option increases or decreases the size of the brus h. Short cut R key Decrease brush size: [ Increase brush size: ][...]

  • Page 112

    110 Chapt er 13 — T he T oo lba r | S election Control Point Selectio n C on trol P oint Sele ctio n control p oints utiliz e U Point tech nology to selec tivel y app ly the effect of an enhanc ement. Y ou can use a selectio n con tro l poin t t o sele ctiv ely app ly any e nhan cem ent f oun d in either th e Adju st or Filt er menus . T o us e a[...]

  • Page 113

    Chap te r 13 — T he T o olb ar | Lasso and Marquee T ools 111 Lasso an d Marquee T ools The las so and marquee tools ena ble you to create a sel ection on your im ages tha t will l imit where a n enhan cement affects your image. The selec tion crea ted by th e lasso and marquee tool s will al so limi t the effect of the selection brush as well as[...]

  • Page 114

    112 Chapt er 13 — T he T oo lba r | Lasso and Marquee T ools The lasso and marquee tool s provide you with the following options in the tool op tions bar : Edge Softness The Edge Sof tness optio n enab les you to sof ten the ed ge of t he se lecti on th at is being made b y the l asso and marquee tools. 2 Click and draw a selection around the obj[...]

  • Page 115

    Chap te r 13 — T he T o olb ar | S election Brush T ool 113 Selec tio n Brush T ool The se lecti on br ush ena bles you to selec tivel y paint in or paint o ut the enhanc ements found in the current ste p. Y ou can us e the se lecti on br ush to sel ectiv ely app ly any enhan cement found within the Adju st or Fil t e r menus, as well as the colo[...]

  • Page 116

    114 Chapt er 13 — T he T oo lba r | S election Brush T ool The selec tion brush provides you with the following options in t he tool options bar: Brush Hardness Changing the Brush Hardness option affec ts the sha pe of the bru sh, ran ging from a soft- edge d brus h to a hard-edged brus h. 4 Clic k and d raw w ithin th e active image w indow to a[...]

  • Page 117

    Chap te r 13 — T he T o olb ar | S election Brush T ool 115 Op a c it y Changing the Opacity option increases or decreases the opacit y of the brush st rokes that are ap plied. Inc rease this value a nd the b rush will either add more of th e cur rent step’ s enhancem ents to t he imag e when using the (+) mode of t he sele ction bru sh or it w[...]

  • Page 118

    116 Chapt er 13 — T he T oo lba r | S electio n Gradient T ools Sele ction Gradient T ools The selection gradie nt tools enable you t o gradually blend betwee n appl ying and rem oving th e current s tep ’ s ef fects on your image. Y ou can use t he select ion gradient tools to selecti vel y apply any enhan cemen t fou nd with in the Adju st or[...]

  • Page 119

    Chapter 13 — The T oolbar | Selection Gradient T ool s 117 The f ollowing cont rol s for the sele ction g radient tools are provided to y ou within the tool o ptions b ar : Gradie nt Range The gradi ent range slider enabl es you to ch ange the v alues of the n ext gr adient that will be drawn on the image. T he valu es represent the p ercent of o[...]

  • Page 120

    118 Chapt er 13 — T he T oo lba r | Fill / Remov e T ools F ill / Remov e T ool s The f ill / remove tools e nable y ou to e ither fi ll th e current step’ s enhanc ements or cle ar the selec tions made by the selec tion brush, gradient too ls, or f ill tool, eith er in th e ent ire image or the area withi n a selec ti on created by the lasso a[...]

  • Page 121

    Chapter 14 — Bi rd’ s Eye 119 Chapter 14 Bird’ s E y e The Bird’ s Eye always disp lays the enti re image, even if the ac tive ima ge window only disp lays a zoomed-in por tion of the image. Wh en zoomed -in, t he areas v isible within t he ac tive im age win dow are sh own as a rectangle superimposed on top of t he entire image . Drag the [...]

  • Page 122

    120 Chapter 14 — Bir d’ s Ey e[...]

  • Page 123

    Chapter 15 — E dit List 121 Chapter 15 Edit List The Edit List pal ette is t he centr al lo cati on for all of the co ntrols p rovided wi thin Ca pture NX 2. The Edit List palette was greatly imp roved, with th e positi on of m any tools and features move d to provide b etter access . Additionally , the workflow when using the Edit List p alette [...]

  • Page 124

    122 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Introduc tion to th e Edit List Introduction to the Edit List The Edit List palett e stor es all o f th e enh ancemen ts that hav e been applie d to y our imag e in c hro nolo gical order . The Edit List palette can be used as a histor y that allows you t o go back and modify an y of the adjustments that you have pr[...]

  • Page 125

    Chapter 15 — E dit List | I ntroduc tion to the Edit List 123 q Show/Hide Tr i a n g l e s The sh ow/hide tr iangle s hows and hides th e conten ts of the sec tion or enhan cement. Cl ick on the tri angle to toggle be tween sh owing and hiding th e cont ents o f the associ ated s ection or en hanc ement. w Apply Che ckbox Appl y check boxes are u[...]

  • Page 126

    124 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Ve r s i o n V ersion The Ve r s i o n menu c an now be found at the top of the Ed it List palette , providi ng you with dir ect contro l of this powerful feature . V ersions repr e sent an advanced way of work ing with and maintaining a number of differ ent versions of the same image within on e image f ile. Two di[...]

  • Page 127

    Chapter 15 — Edit List | Bat ch Menu 125 Bat ch Menu The ba tch men u with in the Edi t List prov ides you with quick access to tools th at can b e used to copy a nd pas te adjustments and XMP/I PTC inf ormation, and cr eate and load sett ings file s for batch pr ocessi ng.[...]

  • Page 128

    126 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Develop Se ction Dev elop Sec tion The “Devel op ” sectio n, f ormerl y th e Base Adjustmen ts step in Captu re NX vers ion 1, h as been g re atly improved for Cap ture NX 2. This sec tion provi des you with cam era and RAW specific enhance ments as well as a new “ quick fix ” mode that can be used on any fi[...]

  • Page 129

    Chap ter 15 — E dit Li st | De ve lop Se ction 127 The “Deve lop ” secti on provides you with the Camera Sett ings s ect ion, th e Qui ck Fix sec tion, and t he Cam era & Len s Corre ctions section s. Camera Sett ings The Camer a Settings sec tion provides you control over options se t within t he camera at t he time t he imag e was captu[...]

  • Page 130

    128 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Develop Se ction Incandescent Sele ct this v alue if the l ighting in your photogra ph’ s scene was provi ded by an incande scent or tungsten light source. Y ou can f ur ther mo dify the settin g with th e Fine Adjust ment sl ider. Daylight Sele ct this v alue if the l ighting in your photogra ph’ s scene was pr[...]

  • Page 131

    Chap ter 15 — E dit Li st | De ve lop Se ction 129 Settings othe r than Set Gr ay Poi nt and R ecorded Value can be fur ther modified using t he Fine Adjust ment and Tint slid ers. Flas h Select this option if your image was shot using a N ik on Speedlight as t he light sour ce. Y ou can further mo dify this settin g with the F ine Adju stmen t s[...]

  • Page 132

    130 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Develop Se ction ❏ Set Gray P o int In this mode you can id entify an object withi n your phot ogra ph that w as neu tral gr ay in the sce ne and base the wh ite balance off that object, o r you can take an average of a sec tion of your photograph and calculate t he white balanc e off tha t sec tion. Use a single [...]

  • Page 133

    Chap ter 15 — E dit Li st | De ve lop Se ction 131 Picture Con trol Im ages from c amera s that us e the color mo de system can use eith er the Non- Picture Control mode or th e Pic t ure Con trol mo de. Imag es from came ras th at use t he Picture Control system can only use the Pi ct ure Contro l mode. The Pic ture Contr ol options are availabl[...]

  • Page 134

    132 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Develop Se ction ❏ Quick Adjust The Qui ck A dju st slider adjusts t he Sha rpeni ng , Contra st , an d Satura tion sliders t o recomme nded value s that match the enhan cemen t created by the Pic ture Control. Move this sl ider to the le ft to decrease th e Shar peni ng , Co nt r a st , and Saturation sliders. M [...]

  • Page 135

    Chap ter 15 — E dit Li st | De ve lop Se ction 133 The Bright nes s sl ider e nable s you to control the brig htness within the ima ge. Move the s lider to the lef t to dar ken t he im age or m ove the s lider to the r ight to brig hten the image. ❏ Saturati on and Hue A djustment The Satur ation and Hue options enable you t o control characte [...]

  • Page 136

    134 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Develop Se ction ❏ To n i n g The T o ning op tions en able you to em ulate the use of tone rs found in traditio nal phot ograph y, or to add a tint to the image. Choose from: ❏ To n i n g S a t u r a t i o n The T o ning Saturation slider c ontrols the vi vidness of the effect o r color selec ted in t he T on i[...]

  • Page 137

    Chap ter 15 — E dit Li st | De ve lop Se ction 135 ❏ Sharpening The Sharpeni ng featur e enables you to adjust th e amount of sharpening that was set in the camera. Choose from the following options: • Unchang ed This wi ll reve rt to the sharp ening s et in the c amera. •N o n e •L o w •M e d i u m L o w •N o r m a l •M e d i u m H[...]

  • Page 138

    136 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Develop Se ction Acti ve D-L ight ing Active D-Lighting , avail able only fo r cameras that provide this funct iona lity wit hin the camera itsel f, was design ed for pho tog raphing subje cts where it i s difficult to capture detail in both h ighlights and shadows. If Active D- Lighti ng is enab led ion the came ra[...]

  • Page 139

    Chap ter 15 — E dit Li st | De ve lop Se ction 137 Quick F ix To n e C u r v e The To n e C u r v e tool provides you with a cur ve edi tor that cont rols the ton alit y of t he imag e. Withi n the To n e C u r v e tool, you ar e presente d with a cur ve that enables you to contr ol the rel ations hip of inpu t lumino sity value s to output lumin[...]

  • Page 140

    138 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Develop Se ction ❏ Wh ite P oint Slid er Move t he white p oint sl ider to th e lef t to set a ll lumin osit y val ues from th e poin t you have s electe d and to the r ight to comple te white. Th is wil l redistr ibute all of the va lues to s tretch the l umino sity r ange to match the enti re possib le ra nge of[...]

  • Page 141

    Chap ter 15 — E dit Li st | De ve lop Se ction 139 Camera & Lens Correc tions Color M oiré Reduc tion The Co lor Moir é Reduction tool enables you to apply a noise reduc tion process available only on RA W images. T o ap ply co lor m oiré reduc tion , clic k on t he sh ow/hide trian gle and selec t one of th e options from th e pull- down [...]

  • Page 142

    140 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Develop Se ction F or all other cameras, you will be pres ented with a folde r search window t o enable you to locate on yo ur computer ’ s hard drive a folder that contains an Image Dust O ff ref erence photo . • If Capture NX 2 locate s more than one I mage Dust Off ref e re nce photo within the same folder , [...]

  • Page 143

    Chap ter 15 — E dit Li st | De ve lop Se ction 141 When this lens i nform ation is not av ailab le, the Intensit y slider’ s range wil l be ba sed on defa ult lens characteristics. T o dete rmine whether a given combination of lens and camera will recor d distance inform ation, see the tabl e below. T o app ly vignet te control to your ima ge, [...]

  • Page 144

    142 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Develop Se ction Fis he ye Len s The Fisheye Lens tool i s only displayed when t he active image w as shot with either the AF D X Fi sheye-Nik kor 10.5mm f /2.8G ED or AF F isheye-Nikk or 16mm f/ 2.8D lenses . This fe ature enables y ou to modify an image taken with a compatibl e fisheye l ens to make that image app[...]

  • Page 145

    Chapter 15 — Edit List | Adju st S ec t i on 143 Adjust Sectio n All enhancements adde d to the Edi t List palette using one of t he tools or features from the menus are added as adjustment steps to the “ Adjust” sec tion. Each a djustm ent step can con tain the following el ements : q Selection Inf ormat ion The se lectio n informa tion area[...]

  • Page 146

    144 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Adju s t S ec ti on Choose from the following options: ❏ Hide Selec tion The Hide Selection opti on prevent s the cur rent sel ectio n from being dis played in the im age win dow , showing only the image. ❏ Show Overlay The Show Ov erlay option di splays the select ion as a semi-transpa rent color overlay , supe[...]

  • Page 147

    Chapter 15 — Edit List | Adju st S ec t i on 145 Paint & Fi ll Mask S ec tion The “Paint & F ill Ma sk ” s ection controls t he effect made by a se lecti on brush, sele ctio n gradient , or th e fill and remove tools. The eff ect of the “P aint & F ill Mask” section is conside red in combin ation wi th the oth er types o f sel[...]

  • Page 148

    146 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | Adju s t S ec ti on t O pacity Mixe r The opaci ty mixer provides y ou with th e abi lity to blend the current en hancem ent w ith the rest of the image. The opacity mixe r becomes available as soon as you add any f eatures from t he Adju st or Fi lt e r m enus, or a colo r , black, ne utral , or white contr ol poin[...]

  • Page 149

    Chapter 15 — Edit List | Adju st S ec t i on 147 • O pacit y (Green Cha nnel) This slider cont rols the cu rren t eff ect on t he gr een ch anne l of the im age. Y ou ca n mov e this sli der to the le ft to preve nt th e current effect f rom bein g appl ied to the green cha nnel, or you can reduce th e other t wo slide rs to ensure t he cur ren[...]

  • Page 150

    148 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | W orking with the E dit Li st W orking with the Edi t List Deleting Steps and Enhancements Step s and e nhanc ement s can be delet ed ind epend entl y of eac h other . Clicking on a step or enhan cement will c ause it to bec ome high lighte d with in th e Edit List palett e. Y ou can the n pres s the d elete key on [...]

  • Page 151

    Chap ter 15 — Ed it List | Working with the Edit List 149 Linki ng Enhancements Linking enhance ments w ithin the Edit List palette e nables you t o apply th e selective contr ols that are used withi n one st ep to more th an one enha nceme nt. By defa ult, ea ch enhanc ement i s applied to a separa te step. By l ink ing t wo or more enhance ment[...]

  • Page 152

    150 C hapter 15 — Edi t List | New Step B utton New Step Butt on Click ing on th e New S tep button wi ll create a new, empty adjus tment st ep with in the “ Adjus t ” secti on of the Ed it List pale tte. Click on this button if you wa nt to m anually gene rat e a new st ep with in the Edit L ist pa lette to s tar t a new ser ies of enhanc em[...]

  • Page 153

    Chapter 16 — Ph oto Info | Hi st ogr am 151 Chapter 16 Photo I nfo The Phot o Info palette di splay com bines the h istogram and t he watch point s func tional ities into a s ingl e palette . The “Histogram ” section shows a liv e histogram that reflects the statis tical makeup of the image . The “ Watch Points” sect ion ena bles you to m[...]

  • Page 154

    152 C hapter 16 — Ph oto In fo | Histogram This “H isto gram” sectio n provide s you w ith th e followi ng cont rols: q Channels The channels pull-down menu enables you to sel ect the channel you wish to hav e displaye d within the “Histogram” section. The f ollowing channel op tions ar e availabl e : RGB The RGB option displays t he red,[...]

  • Page 155

    Chap ter 16 — Ph oto In fo | Wa t c h P oi n t s 153 To u s e t h e Double Threshold featu re , fo llo w thes e step s: e Clear Pre s s t he Clear butto n to cl ear range s adde d to the hi stogram or the valu es set for the shadows and highlights sliders of the Double Threshold option. W atch Points The “ Wa tch Po ints ” section of the Phot[...]

  • Page 156

    154 C hapter 16 — Ph oto In fo | Watch Points Within th e “ Watch Points” sect ion, you a re provided wit h the followin g controls: q Add W atch Point Button By cl ick ing on this b utton, you can ad d up to four watch po ints to y our ima ge. When you click on this button, the mou se cursor will c hange to a crosshair and enab le you to pla[...]

  • Page 157

    Chapter 17 — The Color Picker 155 Chapter 17 T h e C olor P ick er The color pic ker is a vaila ble in spe cif ic enhan cemen ts and pro vides you w ith the ability t o se lect any colo r within the RGB, HSB , or LAB color spaces. Th e fisheye lens, neutral control poi nt, color control poi nt, distor tion control, color ize, and certain Color Ef[...]

  • Page 158

    156 Chapter 17 — The C olor Pi cker The color picker pr ovides you with the follo wing contr ols: q Color Wheel The colo r wheel enables you to selec t the t argeted hue for the c olor . When you click wi thin the color whe el, the hue wi ll imme diately ch ange to the col or that you clicked on. B y click ing and dragging on th e gripper edge al[...]

  • Page 159

    Chapter 17 — The Color Picker 157 y Last Selected & Previ ou s Pi ck s The Last Selec ted and Previou s Pi cks color swatch es provide you wi th access to the la st fiv e selecte d colors . The Last Selected color s watch sh ows you the color that w as last select ed, while the Pr evious Pi cks color swatch es show you the four previous color[...]

  • Page 160

    158 Chapter 17 — The C olor Pi cker[...]

  • Page 161

    Chapter 18 — File Menu | Op en Im a ge … 159 Chapter 18 Fi l e M e n u Open Image … The Open Image … option provides you with a “File Open” dialog , allowing you to locate an image to open and edit. A Please n ote : Images sav ed in the G rayscale and CM YK color modes canno t be o pened withi n Capture NX 2 . Open W ith… The Open W i[...]

  • Page 162

    160 Chapt er 1 8 — F ile Menu | Ope n F ol de r i n B r o w se r … Open F older in Browser … Select thi s option to locate a folder to open withi n Capture NX 2’ s b rowser . Open Recen t This area di splays the m ost recent ten images opened with in Capture N X 2. Si mply clic k on any of the i tems displayed in this list to open it a gain[...]

  • Page 163

    Chapter 18 — F ile Menu | Save A s… 161 Emb ed ICC Profile Chec k this box if you would l ike to embed th e current profile in your ima ge. I t is recomm ended that you leave th is box c hecked unless your pri nter reques ts that y ou do not embed t he color profile in the im age. Sa ve A s … The Sa ve As… feature enab les you to save th e [...]

  • Page 164

    162 Chapt er 1 8 — F ile Menu | S ave A s… Compre ssio n Choose from two different compr ession options: ❏ None This op tion does not compress the image informati on. ❏ LZW This optio n empl oys a loss less compress ion sc heme based on the LZW comp ressio n algor ithm . Bit Depth Choose to save your image either as an 8 or 16-bit per chann[...]

  • Page 165

    Chap ter 18 — F ile Menu | Revert 163 Rev er t Select the Revert option to remove any changes from the fi le that were made s ince th e last Sa ve or Sav e As oper ation . Protect File P rot ected i mages canno t be edi ted wit hin Captur e NX 2. P rotecti on ca n be turned on with in the c amera o r within another Nikon image editing application[...]

  • Page 166

    164 Chapt er 1 8 — F ile Menu | Print… Print… The “ Pri nt L ayout ” dialog enables you to set all of the necessar y par ameters in order to prin t your imag e. Additional ly, a number of options are presented to enabl e you to create pr int pac k ages, add metad ata, an d color manage your pr ints. Y ou can print the acti ve image by sel[...]

  • Page 167

    Chapter 18 — File Menu | Pr in t… 165 r Metadata Clicki ng on this bu tton will open the “ Metadata ” dialog, where yo u can choo se the met adata, s uch as fi le and camera information, you wan t printed around the image. Prin t Inform ation The opti ons withi n the “ Print Information ” section place specific i nformat ion rega rdi ng[...]

  • Page 168

    166 Chapt er 1 8 — F ile Menu | Print… t Pa ge L ayo u t T a b The opti ons wi thin the “ Pa ge L a yo u t ” tab enable you to identify the siz e and layout of your image as well as an y print package settings that you may want to apply . Use Output Reso lution This option wi ll prevent any size or resolution ch anges from be ing ma de to t[...]

  • Page 169

    Chapter 18 — File Menu | Pr in t… 167 y Colo r Management T ab The “ Co l or M a n ag e m e nt ” tab enabl es you to s et the color manag ement op tions fo r the i mages w hen th ey are printe d. The se ttings wi thin the “Color Manag ement ” tab d efault to the s ettin gs indica ted w ithin the “P ref erenc es ” dia log. A Please n[...]

  • Page 170

    168 Chapt er 1 8 — F ile Menu | Exit Use Blac k Point Compen sation Check t his box to utilize b lack point com pensati on. This ensures that t he bla ck poin t from th e image i s mapp ed to th e bla ck point of yo ur prin ter , ena bling t he ful l colo r ran ge of the pr inter to b e used. I f y our prints contain either gray shadows or too li[...]

  • Page 171

    Chapter 19 — Edit Menu | Undo 169 Chapter 19 Edit Menu Undo The Undo command enables y ou to take one step backward and remove changes that we re made to the image or th at were made within the current dialog. Y ou can undo an unlimited number of changes w ithin the same step, an d nearly all changes you make on your image are undoable. Due to th[...]

  • Page 172

    170 C hapter 19 — Edi t Menu | Cut Cu t The Cut c ommand clears an object and places it within Captur e NX 2’ s clipboard , maki ng that object accessib le to pas te. The Cu t command can b e used on the following objects: • T ex t within a tex t box • Sele cted c ontrol p oints • Images within th e bro wser Co py The Co py comma nd takes[...]

  • Page 173

    Chapter 19 — Edit Menu | Duplica te 171 Dup lica te The Duplicat e comma nd make s an im mediate copy of the cur rently se lected object. The Du plicate command can mak e a copy of t he following objec ts: • The curr ent im age wh en the i mage win dow is active and n o contr ol points are selecte d • Im ages withi n the b rowser • Control [...]

  • Page 174

    172 C hapter 19 — Edi t Menu | Sele ct All Select All The Sel ect Al l option highl ights all of the o bjec ts withi n the a ctive area. Use Sele ct A ll within: • A tex t box to s elec t all of t he tex t • An image to se lect all of the contr ol points curr ently displa yed on the ima ge •T h e Ed it L is t pa lette to s elect all of the [...]

  • Page 175

    Cha pter 19 — Edit Menu | Flip 173 Fl ip Use t he Flip command to mirror the image across one of tw o a xes : • Choose Horizontal to mirror the image acr oss the vertical axis. • Choose Ve r t i c a l to m irror the image across th e horizo ntal axis. Rotate The Rota te sub -menu provides you wit h options to rotate your image 90° clockwi se[...]

  • Page 176

    174 C hapter 19 — Edi t Menu | Rotate 90 Deg rees CW Selecting 90 Degrees CW will cause your im age to b e rotated 90 ° clock wise. 90 Deg rees C C W Selecting 90 Degrees C CW wil l caus e your im age to be rotated 90° co unter-c lock wise. Str aigh ten Select Str aighten to add a straig hten ste p to th e Edit List p alette. I n t he Stra ight[...]

  • Page 177

    Chapter 19 — Edit Menu | Rotat e 175 4 By default, C apture N X 2 will automa tically crop t he image us ing the sa me aspect r atio to hide all ar eas of the i mage where the re is no image in forma tion. These areas that lack inf ormation ar e crea ted when the image is rotat ed, and are repr esented by pure white pixel s. T o preve nt Ca ptur [...]

  • Page 178

    176 C hapter 19 — Edi t Menu | Size / Resolut ion Size / Resolution Size / Re solution changes the size of your i mage, with control over eithe r redistr ibuting the image data or inter polatin g the ima ge data. Within the “Size / Resolution ” dialog, y ou can choose betwee n one of two resize modes: Resample Image The Resample Image option [...]

  • Page 179

    Chap ter 19 — E dit Me nu | Fit Pho to 177 Fit P h ot o The Fit Ph ot o command enable s you to fi t a series of images to a maxi mum size . This is especi ally helpful if yo u want to batch res ize a numb er of i mages that may each hav e mixe d orient ations , some portrait an d some la ndscape orientat ion. The Fit P h o to command will ensure[...]

  • Page 180

    178 C hapter 19 — Edi t Menu | Fit Ph oto 2 Sel ect the ap propr iate u nits of meas urement. If t he images will be prin ted, it is best to u se inches , centim eters, o r mill imet ers. I f the i mages wi ll be displayed on a web page or other elec tronic displ ay mediu m, select pixels . 3 Enter t he large st value of th e image si ze int o bo[...]

  • Page 181

    Chap ter 19 — E dit Me nu | Fit Pho to 179 Y ou now have a sett ings fil e available th at can be used in a batch process to appl y the Fi t Ph o to command to a series of ima ges. A Please n ote : In order t o change an image with the Fit P h ot o comm and, you must clic k on the Apply button. 6 In the “Sav e Adju stments ” dialog , ensure t[...]

  • Page 182

    180 C hapter 19 — Edi t Menu[...]

  • Page 183

    Chap ter 20 — Ad just M enu | Light > Le vels & C urves 181 Chapter 20 Ad j u s t M e n u A Please n ote : T ools that apply only to RA W images do not appear in the menus. T ools s p ecific to RA W image s are available in the De velop step of the Edit Li st palet te. Light > Le vels & C ur ves The Levels & Curves tool combines[...]

  • Page 184

    182 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | Li ght > Levels & Curves To u s e t h e Leve l s & Cur v es tool to edit your image s, follow these steps: 1 Naviga te to the Adju st menu, sele ct the Ligh t sub- men u, and sele ct Leve ls & Cur ves . 2 Select the ch annels to be adjust ed usin g the channe l select or . Typi cally , the RGB opti[...]

  • Page 185

    Chap ter 20 — Ad just M enu | Light > Le vels & C urves 183 The Leve ls & Cu r ves tool provides you with the following controls: q Channel Selector The channel s elector lets y ou select which c hannel, or p or tion of color s, you wan t to affe ct. The default is to edit all three chann els, red , green, and blue, simult aneously . C[...]

  • Page 186

    184 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | Li ght > Levels & Curves The lumino sity histog ram displays a bar g raph repr esenting the t otal number of pix e ls that appear at diffe rent leve ls of luminosity . The horizontal axis r epresen ts the luminosity leve l, while the v er tical axis represents the nu mber of pixels found at each l uminosit[...]

  • Page 187

    Chap ter 20 — Ad just M enu | Light > Le vels & C urves 185 White Point Slid er Move the white point slider to t he le ft to se t all l umi nos ity values from the po int you ha ve selec ted and to the r ight to comple te white (o r to the m aximum light ness of the cha nnel's color when work ing on an individual color channel). This [...]

  • Page 188

    186 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | Ligh t > Contrast / Brightness o Set Black P oint Click ing on this b utton will c hange the mouse cursor into a black point dropper cursor. By then click ing on your im age, you w ill se t the blac k point slid er for all th ree co lor channe ls to th e value of the col or sele cted by the bl ack point dro pp[...]

  • Page 189

    Chap ter 2 0 — Adjus t M enu | Light > A uto Levels 187 Brigh tness The Brigh tness slide r provides you wi th the ability to eith er bri ghten or da rken your image without creating unwanted color s hift s. Move thi s slider to the lef t to dar ken the im age, or move the sli der to the rig ht to brighten th e image. Light > Aut o Lev els [...]

  • Page 190

    188 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | Li ght > D-Lighting Correc t Col or Cas t The Co rrec t Colo r Ca st slider is prov ided b y selectin g the Adva nced method in th e auto level s method pull- down menu. This sli der ei ther inc reases or dec reases th e degree to which the color cast is reduced within the imag e. A val ue of 5 0 is equi valen[...]

  • Page 191

    Chapter 20 — Adjus t Menu | Colo r > LCH 189 Color > L CH The LC H tool e nable s you to indiv idually control th e luminosity , color lightness , chroma, and hue of the ac tive image using individual editor dialog. To u s e t h e LC H tool to edi t your ima ges, follow thes e steps: 1 Navigate to the Adjus t menu, se lect the Co lo r su b-[...]

  • Page 192

    190 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | Co lor > L CH The LC H tool provides four dif fere nt channels, e ach channel providi ng controls unique to t hat method. U se the channel pull - down menu t o select which channel to use. The availa ble channels ar e : Master Li ghtness The Master Lightnes s chan nel is s imi lar to the Levels & Cur ves t[...]

  • Page 193

    Chapter 20 — Adjus t Menu | Colo r > LCH 191 The Maste r Lightness channel pro vides you with the followi ng controls : q Cur ve Editor The cur ve editor is where the majo rit y of the enhancem ents are made withi n the LC H feature. Within the cur ve editor, you are presented with a histogram that represents the total lum inosit y va lues wit[...]

  • Page 194

    192 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | Co lor > L CH w Black Point Slider Move the bla ck point slid er to the left to set al l lumi nosit y valu es from that po int and to th e rig ht to com plete blac k , while red istrib uting a ll of t he value s to stretch the lum inosit y ra nge to ma tch the e ntire poss ible range of valu es. I t is recomme[...]

  • Page 195

    Chapter 20 — Adjus t Menu | Colo r > LCH 193 Color Lightne ss The Col o r L ig h t ne s s chan nel ena bles you to contro l the b righ tness of color s in th e imag e without affecting chrom a or hue. Y ou can use this channel to ta rget and bri ghten spe cific c olors, such as lighte ning a person’ s skin tone, or dark ening th e sk y of a [...]

  • Page 196

    194 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | Co lor > L CH Chroma The Chroma channe l enables y ou to edi t the chr oma, or satur a tion, of the entire image or of specif ic colors within the ac tive i mage wi thout a ffecting lumi nosit y or hu e. The Chroma chann el pr ovide s you with the f ollowi ng cont rols: w Add Anchor Po in t Click ing on this b[...]

  • Page 197

    Chapter 20 — Adjus t Menu | Colo r > LCH 195 Hue The Hue channel enable s you to edit the hue of the e ntire im age or of s pecific c olors within t he acti ve image without aff ect ing lumin osity or chroma. Th is channel enables y ou either t o completely change the color of an obj ect within the activ e image, or to pr ovide a subt le shift[...]

  • Page 198

    196 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | Co lor > L CH The Hue channel pr ovides you with the followin g controls: q Hue Map The hue map represen ts the full spe ctrum of colors on a rotated hori zontal axis. By defau lt, the hue map is r otated by 6 0 degr ees . Addi tiona l rota tional val ues can be selec ted wit hin the h ue map rotat ion pu ll- [...]

  • Page 199

    Chap ter 20 — Ad just M enu | Color > Colo r Bala nce 197 Color > C ol or Balance The C o lor Balanc e tool provides you with simple cont rols for adjust ing the overall bright ness, contras t, and color balanc e of th e entire im age. Move any of the sliders wit hin the Color Balanc e step to alter that sl ider ’ s effec t on the imag e.[...]

  • Page 200

    198 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | Color > Color Booster Co lo r > Co l o r B o o s t e r The Color Booster tool y ou to opti mally adjust the saturation, or vividness, of colors. Use the Color Booster tool to increase the satura tion of colors of the active i mage. The Color Booster tool pr ovides you with th e following controls: Pr otect [...]

  • Page 201

    Chapter 20 — Adju st Menu | F ocus > Gaussian Blur 199 F ocus > G aussian Blur Use t he Gaussian Blur tool to dramatically r educe the appearance of detail througho ut the image. This enhan cement is often us ed se lectively to reduce the visual impact of o bjects or ar eas wi thin an im age in ord er to d raw the vi ewer ’ s eye aw ay fr[...]

  • Page 202

    200 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | F ocus > Unsharp Mask F ocus > Unsh arp Mask The Unsharp Mask tool increas es th e apparent shar pnes s of your images by en hancing the e dges of objec ts in your image. The Unsharp Mask tool in C apture NX 2 is unique in that it alwa ys applies its sharpeni ng to the l uminosity of t he image, whi ch prev[...]

  • Page 203

    Chap ter 20 — Ad just M enu | Focus > Uns ha rp M ask 201 The Unsharp Ma sk tool provides you with t he following con trols: Co lo r Use t he Colo r pul l-d own menu to c hoose t he areas in the i mage to sha rpen based on their color . Sel ect RGB to sha rpen the en tire image. 3 Adju st t he Int ensity , Radius , and Thres hol d sli ders to [...]

  • Page 204

    202 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | C orre ct > Dis tortion Cont rol Int ensi ty The Intensit y slid er cont rols the amount of shar peni ng that will be a pplied t o the c olor s electe d by the Colo r p ull- down menu. The h igher the shar pening i ntens ity, the mo re pronounced t he sha rpening effect will b e on your image. I f t he in tens[...]

  • Page 205

    Chapter 20 — A djust Menu | Correc t > Co lo r Abe rra tio n Con trol 203 F ill C olor The Fil l C ol or pa tch enab les you to determ ine th e color to use in the a reas th at lack image detail c reated when cor recting for pincushion distor tions. Click on this p atch to acce ss the color pi cker or click on the eye droppe r to sample any co[...]

  • Page 206

    204 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | Noise Reductio n Noise Reduc tion The Noise Reduction too l enabl es you t o re duce th e effects of dig i tal noise that som etimes appear in images tak en wit h digital came ras. A Plea se note : I t is recommend ed that you zoom your imag e to 100% whi le determ ining t he amo unt of no ise reduc tion to apply[...]

  • Page 207

    Chapter 20 — Adjus t Menu | Noise Reduc tion 205 Sharpness The Sh arpness slider helps coun ter the loss of detail th at can occur at high noise r eduction levels. Mov e this s lider to the r ight to i ncrease t he amoun t of sh arpen ing tha t is a pplied to your i mage. Method Choose bet ween the Fas te r or Better Quality method s in the Metho[...]

  • Page 208

    206 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | Color Profile Co lo r P r of i l e The Colo r Pr ofi le tool provides you with image -spe cific color management options within Capture NX 2. Use the se opti ons to app ly a profi le, or conver t the current profile to p repare the i mage for you r specifi c color managed workflow . Capture NX 2 utilizes the defa[...]

  • Page 209

    Chap ter 20 — Adj ust M enu | Color Profile 207 Co nve r t t o Pro f i le The C onve r t to Profile meth od enable s you to conver t the pro file sp ace of the curr ent image to the pr ofile sp ace of th e output device. The r esult is that the actual color values change, but the appearance of those colors does not change on your monitor. This is[...]

  • Page 210

    208 C hapter 20 — Adju st M enu | Color Profile Captur e NX 2 provid es the f ollowing int ents: Use Blac k Point Compen sation Check t his box to utilize b lack point com pensati on. This ensures that t he bla ck poin t from th e image i s mapp ed to th e bla ck point of yo ur prin ter , ena bling t he ful l colo r ran ge of the pr inter to b e [...]

  • Page 211

    Chap ter 21 — Filter M enu | Photo Effec ts 209 Chapter 21 Fi l t e r M e n u Photo E ffects The Phot o Effects tool enables you to tak e mo re creative con t rol of your image. With th is tool, you can convert your image to a black and white, sepi a, or tinted image. Y ou can also control the tonality of the image, en hance dark ton es, and cont[...]

  • Page 212

    210 C hapter 21 — Filter M enu | Photo Effects Cy an — Red The Cy an — R ed s l i d e r e n ab l es yo u t o sh if t th e c o l o r s o f y ou r i m a g e f ro m c y a n t o r e d . M o v i n g t h i s sl i d e r t o the left r emoves r ed from the image, which will ca use the image t o become more cyan. Adjus ting this slider to the right ad[...]

  • Page 213

    Chap ter 21 — Filter M enu | Photo Effec ts 211 Magenta — Green The Magenta — Gr een slider enables you to alter the black and white eff ect on your image. When you move this slide r to the righ t, objec ts that con tain magen ta becom e lighter, while objec ts contai ning green becom e darker. Moving this sli der to the left causes obj ects [...]

  • Page 214

    212 C hapter 21 — Filter M enu | Photo Effects Tin ted The Ti nte d me thod emula tes the e ffect of prin ting a black and white negative on color paper , while usin g different colored fi lters to ch ange the overa ll hue of the i mage. The foll owin g contr ols ar e pro vided w ithin the Tinte d method: Bright ness The Brigh tness slider enable[...]

  • Page 215

    Chapter 21 — Filter Menu | Add Grain / Noise 213 Add Grain / Noise The A dd Grain / Noise tool enables you to add th e styl istic effect of eit her grain or noise to your image. Th e grain fe atur e emul ates di ffer ent siz es of fil m grain withi n you r image, whi le the n oise feature ap plies random detail to your image t o appro ximate d ig[...]

  • Page 216

    214 C hapter 21 — Filter M enu | Color iz e Brigh tness The Brightne ss slider controls t he overall lu minosit y of the im age. Move t his slid er to the left to dark en the entire im age or m ove th is sli der to the righ t to bri ghten t he en tire imag e. Co lo ri z e The Colo ri ze tool enables you t o add a color to your image . The Colo ri[...]

  • Page 217

    Cha pter 21 — Filter M enu | Black and Whi te Con versio n 215 To u s e t h e Black and W hite C onv ersion tool, follow these steps: The Black a nd White C onver sion tool provides you with the following controls: Fil t er H u e The Fil te r Hu e s lider e nables yo u to choose the hue of the fi lter th at is used to conver t th e image f rom co[...]

  • Page 218

    216 C hapter 21 — Filter M enu | Third-P a rty Pl ug-Ins Con t ra st Use the Co ntr ast sl id er to ch an ge th e c o ntr a st of y o ur ima g e. M ov in g thi s sl id er to th e l ef t w il l dec re as e t he contrast througho ut the image, while moving th e s lider to t he righ t will i ncrease con trast. Third-P ar ty Plug- Ins Capture NX 2 su[...]

  • Page 219

    Chapter 22 — Bat ch Menu | Ru n B atch Proce ss 217 Chapter 22 Ba tch Menu Run Batch Proc ess Select Run Ba tch Proces s to call up the Batch Pr ocess dialog in order t o begi n applying a bat ch proce ss. Within the Batch Process dialog, you are presented with two different methods of ap plying a batch process : Batch P roc ess and Wa t c h e d [...]

  • Page 220

    218 Chapt er 2 2 — Ba tch Menu | Run Batch Proc ess Apply Setting s Check thi s box if you would like to appl y a settings fi le to your image or if you would lik e to rever t any NEF file s to their origin al state. Un check ing thi s box will ens ure that the enh anceme nts found with in the ima ge are not changed from their last saved state. ?[...]

  • Page 221

    Chapter 22 — Bat ch Menu | Ru n B atch Proce ss 219 ❏ NEF : Choo se a co mpress ion s etting in the Advanc ed sec tio n. ❏ TIFF : In the Advanced se ction, choose a color model (RG B or CMYK ), bit dep th (Always 8 bit or 16 bit i f possible), and compression t ype (None or LZW ). ❏ JPEG: Use th e pull- down men u to choose from Highest Com[...]

  • Page 222

    220 Chapt er 2 2 — Ba tch Menu | Run Batch Proc ess ❏ Run Proce ss Immediately Select Run Proces s Im med iat ely to conti nually monitor t he watched folder for ne w images and process an y new images as soon as they are placed withi n the targeted folder . ❏ Run Proce ss Every Enter a n umbe r to determ ine how f requently, in hours, Captu [...]

  • Page 223

    Chapter 22 — Bat ch Menu | Ru n B atch Proce ss 221 Rena me By c hec king the Rename check box, Capt ure N X 2 will rename the image s using the n aming system found within the Fi le Naming dialog . Click on the Edi t button to dis play the F ile Naming dialog . F or more info rmation, ple ase see the “F ile Naming Di alog” sectio n later in [...]

  • Page 224

    222 Chapt er 2 2 — Ba tch Menu | Run Batch Proc ess ❏ Original N ame This option will place the or iginal file name at the beginning of the new file name. ❏ New Name This opti on will en able you to typ e in a ne w name to e nter at the begin ning of the new file na me. ❏ None This option will prevent a prefix from being added to the beginn[...]

  • Page 225

    Chapter 22 — Bat ch Menu | Ru n B atch Proce ss 223 Queued The Queued tab sh ows a list of image s that a re currently waitin g to be proce ssed. If you do not wi sh a particular image to be proce ssed, un check the bo x for that image . Log The Log tab contains a list of all of the images that have alr eady been processed along with any possible[...]

  • Page 226

    224 Chapt er 2 2 — Ba tch Menu | Copy A dju st men ts Close Wh en D one Check th e Close When Done check box to cause t he Processing Queue window to c lose when the batch proces s has c omplete d. Notify W hen C omplete When this opti on is selected , a message box will be disp layed to notify y ou that the bat ch process has completed. Co py A [...]

  • Page 227

    Chapter 22 — Batch Menu | Save Adju st ment s 225 Save A d justments Select t he Sav e Adjustmen ts co mm an d t o o pe n th e “S ave Adjus tments ” dialog. It is wi thin the “ Save A djustmen ts” dialo g that y ou create settings file s that will b e used for batch proce sses in the fu ture. When the “Sa ve Adj ustm ents ” dialo g op[...]

  • Page 228

    226 Chapt er 2 2 — Ba tch Menu | Cop y IPT C Info C opy IPT C Info The Copy I PTC In fo command wi ll copy only th e IPTC fields from the cur rent i mage th at contai n entri es to Capture NX 2’ s clipboard. Y ou will then be able to use t he Pa s t e IP TC I n fo command to add those copied IPTC fields to on e or more im ages. P aste IP T C In[...]

  • Page 229

    Chapter 23 — View Menu | Selection Display 227 Chapter 23 Vi e w M e n u Selec tio n Display The optio ns provided in th e Selection Displa y sub-menu duplicate the selection display contr ol pull-down menu fou nd i n a st ep with in th e Edit List palett e. Th ese op tions enab le you to deter mine how to displa y the c urrent selec tion made w [...]

  • Page 230

    228 Chapt er 2 3 — V iew Menu | Show All Control Points Show Overla y The Show Overla y option displays the selec tion as a semi-transparent color overlay , superimposed on top of your imag e. Anywh ere this co lor overlay is disp layed, the cu rrent step’ s adjust ment is bein g applied. Anywhere t he imag e is di splayed, no enh ancement is b[...]

  • Page 231

    Chap te r 23 — V ie w Menu | Show Grid 229 Show Grid Sele ct this op tion to im pose a grid p atter n over the curre nt image . The color and spac ing of the grid can be set wit hin the “Preferences” dialog. Show F ocus Point When working with images ca pture d by a Niko n camer a, you can dis play the focus area use d when cap turing t he im[...]

  • Page 232

    230 Chapt er 2 3 — V iew Menu | Show L ost Sh adows The re sulting image will con tain white, prima r y , and secondary colors only . The followi ng table describes valu es thes e colo rs re pres ent: With thi s displa y on, you c an adjust the set tings of one o f the enh ancem ents that have alrea dy been appli ed to reduce the brig htening ef [...]

  • Page 233

    Chapter 23 — View Men u | View at 100 % 231 With Show Los t Sha dows e nabled, you ca n modif y any enha ncemen ts that may mak e the image too dark . V iew at 100% Sele ct this op tion to se t the zoom r atio for t he cur rent image t o 100%. Fi t to Screen Sele ct this op tion to se t the zoom rati o for the cur rent im age so that t he enti re[...]

  • Page 234

    232 Chapt er 2 3 — V iew Menu | Zoom O ut Zoo m O ut Select thi s option to zoom one step out of th e active im age. F ull S creen The full scr een displa y mode is useful for maxi mizing the space used b y Capture NX 2. U se this displa y mode when edit ing image s to min imize distra ction s and ena ble you to focus entirely on the im age that [...]

  • Page 235

    Chapter 23 — V iew Menu | Hide Palette s 233 Hide Palettes Sele ct this featu re to quick ly hide a ll of the pal ettes in the wor k area . Short cut Ta b k e y[...]

  • Page 236

    234 Chapt er 2 3 — V iew Menu | Compar e Images C ompare Images The th ree diff er ent compa re i mages mo des of C aptur e NX 2 pr ovid e you wi th diff erent op tions for compa ring im ages. The fi rst two op tions, Compar e in Edit or and Compar e in Browse r , are only acces sible from wi thin th e brow ser and prov ide y ou with th e abili t[...]

  • Page 237

    Chapter 23 — V iew Menu | Com pare Ima ge s 235 C ompar e in Ed itor Use this option to comp are two different image s in the e ditor . Se lect t wo different images in th e browser and select Compar e in Editor from the View menu. Thi s will open bo th imag es with in the ed itor and zoom the ima ges so that they fit wi thin th e ava ilable spac[...]

  • Page 238

    236 Chapt er 2 3 — V iew Menu | Compar e Images C ompare with Original Use thi s opti on to compare the or iginal wi th th e current s tate of the ac tive i mage with in th e edito r . Se lec t this opti on from the Vi e w m enu w hen you are wor kin g on an ima ge in the ed itor , and Captu re NX 2 will automatically open a dupli cate window of [...]

  • Page 239

    Chapter 24 — W indow Menu | W orkspace 237 Chapter 24 W indow Menu W orkspace The Wor k s p a c e s sub -menu p rovides you wi th an alter native lo cation to sele ct a workspa ce to use to arrange Capture N X 2’ s palettes and windows. F or more information about the different options provided within the W orkspaces su b-menu, pl ease see the [...]

  • Page 240

    238 Chapt er 2 4 — W indo w Me nu | To o l b a r To o l b a r Selectin g the To o l b a r option from the Wi n d ow menu will show the toolbar . Bird’ s Eye Selectin g the Bird’ s Ey e option from the Wi n d ow menu will display the Bir d’ s Eye palette. Edit List Selectin g the Edit List opt ion from the Wi n d ow menu will display the Edi[...]

  • Page 241

    Chapter 25 — Help Menu | Co nten t s 239 Chapter 25 Help M enu Co nt e n ts The Con te n t s opt ion br ings up the help contents with in your d efaul t I ntern et browser. Navigate through the h elp to acce ss the inform ation from t his us er ’ s man ual in a sear chable format. T echni cal Suppor t The T echnica l Suppo rt option will launch[...]

  • Page 242

    240 Chapt er 2 5 — He lp Men u | Show W e lc ome Sc reen Show W elcome Screen Selectin g the Show Welcome S cree n opti on from the Help menu will disp lay the welcome scre en. This is helpful if you have s ele cte d t he Don ’t sh ow again che ck box and you want to access t he welcom e screen aga in. Update Captur e NX 2 Use this option to ch[...]

  • Page 243

    Chap ter 26 — App endix : Shor t- cuts | The Bro wser 241 Chapter 26 Appendix: Shor t- cuts The Bro wser T ool Wi n d ow s Macintosh Open Brows er Ctrl + Alt + B command + option + B Lab el im age(s) with labe l 1 11 Lab el im age(s) with labe l 2 22 Lab el im age(s) with labe l 3 33 Lab el im age(s) with labe l 4 44 Lab el im age(s) with labe l [...]

  • Page 244

    242 C hapter 26 — Ap pendix : Shor t- cuts | The Toolba r The T oolbar Photo Inf o To o l Wi n do w s Macint osh Filt er by Ra tin g: 1 St ar Ctr l + Shift + 1 control + shift + 1 Filt er by Ra tin g: 2 St ar s Ctrl + Shift + 2 control + shift + 2 Filt er by Ra tin g: 3 St ar s Ctrl + Shift + 3 control + shift + 3 Filt er by Ra tin g: 4 St ar s C[...]

  • Page 245

    Chapter 26 — Ap pend ix: Sho rt- cut s | File M e n u 243 File Menu Edit Menu T ool Wi n d ow s Macintosh Open Image Ctrl + O command + O Open F older in Browser Ctrl + Alt + O command + option + O Lau nch T ran sfer Ctrl + Alt + T command + option + T Sav e Ctrl + S command + S Sav e As Ctrl + Shift + S command + shift + S Clos e Ctrl +W command[...]

  • Page 246

    244 C hapter 26 — Ap pendix : Shor t- cuts | Adj us t M en u Adjust Menu F ilter Menu Bat ch Menu Vi e w To o l Wi n do w s Macint osh Level s & Cur ve s Ctrl + L / Ctrl + M command + L / command + M Cont rast / B ri ghtn es s Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C command + option + shift + C LC H Ctrl + Shift + L command + shift + L Color Balance Ctrl + B [...]

  • Page 247

    Chap ter 26 — App end ix: Shor t- cuts | Window Menu 245 W indow Menu Help Apple Specific Shor tcut T ool Wi n d ow s Macintosh Browser W orks pace Alt + 1 option + 1 Metadata Workspace Alt + 2 option + 2 Muti-purpos e W orksp ace Alt + 3 option + 3 Ed it Work sp ac e Alt + 4 option + 4 C ycle between open images Ctrl + T ab control + tab T ool W[...]

  • Page 248

    246 C hapter 26 — Ap pendix : Shor t- cuts[...]

  • Page 249

    Chapter 27 — Appendix: Supplied Co lor Pro files | Stand ard RGB Profiles Supplied in Capture NX 2 247 Chapter 27 Appendix: Sup plied C olor Pr ofiles Standard RGB Profiles Supplied in Captur e NX 2 Pro files wi th a Gamma V alue of 1 .8 Ap ple RGB : NKApple.i cm (Windows)/ Nik on Apple RGB 0 (Macintosh) This pr ofile is used in desk -t[...]

  • Page 250

    248 C hapter 27 — App endix: Supplied Color Profiles | Standard RGB Profiles Supplied in Capture NX 2 Adobe RGB (1998): NKA dobe.icm ( Windo ws )/ Nikon A dobe RGB (1998) 4.0. 0.3000 (Macintosh) A color-space profile define d in Adobe Photoshop 5.0. I t has a wider gamut than sRGB and includes the colors found in most CMYK gamuts , making it suit[...]

  • Page 251

    Chapter 27 — Ap pendix: Supplied Color Profiles | T echnical Data for RGB Profiles Supplied with Capture NX 2 249 T echni cal Data for RGB Profiles Sup plied with Capture NX 2 The followin g table s hows the ga mma va lues for profile s supp lied in Capture NX 2, togeth er with the chromatici ty va lues for t he white poi nt and for red, green, a[...]

  • Page 252

    250 C hapter 27 — App endix: Supplied Color Profiles | T ech nical Data for RGB Profiles Supplied w ith Capture NX 2 Capture NX 2 and Adobe Photoshop Color P rofiles Capture NX 2 output profile Adobe Ph otos hop pro file sRGB (Ni kon sRGB 4 .0.0.30 01) sRGB Apple RGB (Ni kon Apple RGB 4.0.0 .3000) Apple RGB Color Match RGB (Nikon Colo r Match RGB[...]

  • Page 253

    Chapte r 28 — A ppen dix: Additio nal Not ices | General 251 Chapter 28 Appendix: A dditional Notic es Gene ral ❏ Make Bac kup Copies Mak e bac kup copie s of im por tan t pi ctures before proces sing. N i kon will n ot be held liabl e for dam ages or lost profits that may result from product malfunction. C WARN ING ! : Do not play the Capture [...]

  • Page 254

    252 Chapter 28 — Appendi x: Addi tional Not ices | Camer a Adjustments Camer a Adjus tments ❏ Non-Picture Control Based Adjust ments When imag es taken wit h D1-seri es, D2-s eries, D100 , D200, D80, D70S, D70 , D60, D50 , D40, or D4 0X came ras are edi ted wit h the No n-Pictu re Control option s elected i n the Camera settings ste p in th e ?[...]

  • Page 255

    Chapter 28 — Ap pend ix: Addit ional Notices | Col or M od e 253 Co l o r M o d e ❏ Col or M od e If Use this in stead of embedded pr ofile is selec ted in the “Color Managemen t” tab of the “Pr eferences” dialog, the def ault R GB color p rofile selec ted in t he “Pref erences” dialog wil l be used as the working color space for al[...]

  • Page 256

    254 Chapter 28 — Appendi x: Addi tional Not ices | Im age Dus t Off Image Dust O ff ❏ Cameras That Suppor t Image Dust -O ff The f ollow ing cam e ras support Image Dus t Off : the D3, D2- series camera s, D300, D1X / D 1H (firm w ar e versio n 1.10 or la ter), D2 00, D1 00, D80, D 70S, D 70, D60, D 50, D4 0, and D4 0X. Im age Du st O ff is not[...]

  • Page 257

    Chapter 28 — Ap pendix: Additi onal Noti ces | Vi gne tte Cont rol 255 V i gnette C ontrol Vignette cont rol cannot be used to cor rect vignetting caused by PC N ik kor l enses or flash ph otography. Opening Images ❏ RA W Images Created with the D1X The defaul t size for RAW images created with the D1X when opene d in the Capture NX 2 editor ca[...]

  • Page 258

    256 Chapter 28 — Appendi x: Addi tional Not ices | Saving Images Saving Images ❏ Images Saved in Capture NX 2 Ima ges saved in Cap ture NX 2 can not be viewed o n a ca mera. ❏ NEF Files (Nikon Capture 4 or Earlier) NEF files created with Capture NX 2 cannot be opened in earlier versions of Nik on Capture. Capture NX 2 can h owever be us ed to[...]

  • Page 259

    Chapte r 28 — App endix : Additiona l Notice s | Si ze / R esolution 257 Size / Resolutio n A Please n ote : The units for size and resolution are lost wh en settings are saved using the Save option. C olor Management Prefer ences ( W indows) ❏ Multiple Disp lays In a multiple displa y envir onment, choose a sin gle profile suit ed to all displ[...]

  • Page 260

    258 Chapter 28 — Appendi x: Addi tional Not ices | Le vels & Cur ves Levels & Cur ves ❏ The Lev els & Curves and the L CH T ools The Levels & Cur ves tool controls th e distr ibution of tones i n the red, green, and b lue chann els and in the RGB master channel, and pro vides visual feedback on the amount of tone inform ation lo[...]

  • Page 261

    Chapter 28 — Ap pendix : Additio nal Noti ces | D- Lig hti ng 259 D -Lighting ❏ Digital DEE D-Lighting replaces the Digi tal DEE tool available in earlier ver sions of N ikon Captur e. Note that Digital DEE sett ings are i gnored when joint set tings f iles created with ea rlier versions of N ikon Capture 4 are loade d in to Capt ure NX 2 , wh [...]

  • Page 262

    260 Chapter 28 — Appendi x: Addi tional Not ices[...]

  • Page 263

    Chapter 29 — Index 261 Chapter 29 Inde x A About Capture NX 2 240 Active D-Li ghting 136 Activity Toolbar 87 Adjust & Filter pull-down menu 145 Adjust Menu 181 Adjust Section 143 Apply Checkbox 123 Auto Color Aberrati on 140 Auto Le vels 187 Auto Red -Eye 140 Auto Retouch Brush 108 B Base Mask 144 Batch Menu 125, 217 Batch Process 217 Batch P[...]

  • Page 264

    262 Chapt er 2 9 — Ind ex Fit Photo 1 77 Fit to Screen 231 Flip 173 Focus P oint 229 Folder 68, 1 60 Folders 56, 237 Full Screen 232 G Gaussi an Blur 199 Gradient Tools 116 Grain 213 Grid 44, 229 Grip Edge 65 H Hand Tool 90 Help Menu 239 Hide Pa lettes 23 3 High Pass 199 Highlight Protection 138 Highlights 229 Histogram 1 51 Hue Adjustm ent 135 I[...]

  • Page 265

    Chapter 29 — Index 263 NEF 256 TIFF 256 Save As 161 JPEG 162 NEF 161 TIFF 161 Saving Images 2 56 Selection Brush Tool 113 Selection Control Point 110 Selection Display 227 Selection Grad ient Tools 116 Selection Inf ormation 143 Selection Overlay 45 Sepia 211 Shadow 230 Shad ow Pr otect ion 1 38 Sharpening 132, 135 Short-cuts 241 Show Active Sele[...]

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  • Page 267

    Cha pter 30 — Con tact Informa tion | Life-Long Learning 265 Chapter 30 Co n t a c t I n f o r m a t i o n Life -Long Learning As pa r t of Nikon ’ s “Lif e -L ong L earning ” commitme nt to on going pro duct su pport and edu cation , continually-updat ed inf ormation is availabl e on-line at the follo w ing site s: ❏ F or users in the U.[...]

  • Page 268

    Prin ted in Europ e SB8D02(11) 6MS54911-02 No rep roducti on in an y form o f this ma nual, in whole or in par t (exce pt for br ief quot ation in critic al arti cles or review s), may be made without written auth orizati on fr om NIKON C ORPORATION.[...]