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A good user manual

The rules should oblige the seller to give the purchaser an operating instrucion of Epson 402169004, along with an item. The lack of an instruction or false information given to customer shall constitute grounds to apply for a complaint because of nonconformity of goods with the contract. In accordance with the law, a customer can receive an instruction in non-paper form; lately graphic and electronic forms of the manuals, as well as instructional videos have been majorly used. A necessary precondition for this is the unmistakable, legible character of an instruction.

What is an instruction?

The term originates from the Latin word „instructio”, which means organizing. Therefore, in an instruction of Epson 402169004 one could find a process description. An instruction's purpose is to teach, to ease the start-up and an item's use or performance of certain activities. An instruction is a compilation of information about an item/a service, it is a clue.

Unfortunately, only a few customers devote their time to read an instruction of Epson 402169004. A good user manual introduces us to a number of additional functionalities of the purchased item, and also helps us to avoid the formation of most of the defects.

What should a perfect user manual contain?

First and foremost, an user manual of Epson 402169004 should contain:
- informations concerning technical data of Epson 402169004
- name of the manufacturer and a year of construction of the Epson 402169004 item
- rules of operation, control and maintenance of the Epson 402169004 item
- safety signs and mark certificates which confirm compatibility with appropriate standards

Why don't we read the manuals?

Usually it results from the lack of time and certainty about functionalities of purchased items. Unfortunately, networking and start-up of Epson 402169004 alone are not enough. An instruction contains a number of clues concerning respective functionalities, safety rules, maintenance methods (what means should be used), eventual defects of Epson 402169004, and methods of problem resolution. Eventually, when one still can't find the answer to his problems, he will be directed to the Epson service. Lately animated manuals and instructional videos are quite popular among customers. These kinds of user manuals are effective; they assure that a customer will familiarize himself with the whole material, and won't skip complicated, technical information of Epson 402169004.

Why one should read the manuals?

It is mostly in the manuals where we will find the details concerning construction and possibility of the Epson 402169004 item, and its use of respective accessory, as well as information concerning all the functions and facilities.

After a successful purchase of an item one should find a moment and get to know with every part of an instruction. Currently the manuals are carefully prearranged and translated, so they could be fully understood by its users. The manuals will serve as an informational aid.

Table of contents for the manual

  • Page 1

    1 Projector Engl ish França is Deuts ch Safety I nstructi ons/ World-Wide Warranty Terms Sicherheit[...]

  • Page 2

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrie val system, o[...]

  • Page 3

    1 English Conten ts Safety Instructions • Saf ety Instructions .......... ........ ........ ......[...]

  • Page 4

    2 Safety Instruct ions Important Inf ormatio n Please read the follo w ing important infor mation ab[...]

  • Page 5

    3 English Saf ety Instruct ions Follo w these safety instructions when sett ing up and using the pro[...]

  • Page 6

    4 • The internal projector components consist of many glass par ts such as the lens and projection[...]

  • Page 7

    5 English • If there is an electr ical storm, do not touch the power plug, otherwise you ma y rece[...]

  • Page 8

    6 Notes on Handling and Storage Be sure to observe the following precautions to a void malfunctions,[...]

  • Page 9

    7 English • The mercury lamp that is used as the projector's light source deteriorates as a r[...]

  • Page 10

    8 Notes on T ransporting the Pr ojector The intern al proje ctor compon ents con sist of m any gl as[...]

  • Page 11

    9 English P ower cab les fo r Over seas Use If using the proj ector o v erseas, pur chase a po wer c[...]

  • Page 12

    10 Utility Software The EMP Link21L utility software which is av ailable in conjunction with the pro[...]

  • Page 13

    11 English Pr ob lem Chec k Sheets If your p rojector de v elops a prob lem, make a cop y of these c[...]

  • Page 14

    12 Write symptoms here: When does the problem occur? Before use Immediately after starting to use Du[...]

  • Page 15

    13 English International W a rranty Conditions This projector is provided with a worldwide warranty [...]

  • Page 16

    14 Note: The power cable supplied with th e projector is intended to comply with power supply requir[...]

  • Page 17

    15 English NOR W A Y : T ech. Help Desk : 800.11828 POLAND : FOR EV ER Sp. z.o.o. Ul. Frankcis ka Ka[...]

  • Page 18

    16 COLOMBIA: Epson Colom bia Ltda . Diagonal 109, 15-49 Bogota, Colombi a T el: (57 1) 523- 5000 We [...]

  • Page 19

    17 Fra nça is T a ble de s matièr es Consignes de sécur ité • Consi gnes de sécurité .......[...]

  • Page 20

    18 Consignes de sécurité Inf ormations im portantes V euillez prendre connaissance des informatio [...]

  • Page 21

    19 Fra nça is Sécuri té Respectez les consignes de sécurit é sui vantes lors du réglage et de [...]

  • Page 22

    20 • Débranchez le projec teur de la prise murale e t confiez l’entretien à du personnel quali[...]

  • Page 23

    21 Fra nça is d'empêcher q ue les gaz qui se r épandent lorsque la lampe se brise soient inh[...]

  • Page 24

    22 Remarques concernant la manutention et l ’entreposage V eillez à observer les précautions sui[...]

  • Page 25

    23 Fra nça is • N'utilisez pas et ne stoc kez pas le projecteur dans des lieux e xposés à [...]

  • Page 26

    24 Remar ques concern ant le tr ansport du pr ojecteur Le projecteur con tient de nombreuses pièces[...]

  • Page 27

    25 Fra nça is Cor dons secte ur étranger s Si vous em portez v otre projecteur à l’étra n ger [...]

  • Page 28

    26 Logiciel utilitaire Le logiciel utilitaire EMP Link21L, qui peut être fourni av ec le projecteur[...]

  • Page 29

    27 Fra nça is Chec k-li sts de dépanna ge Si une panne apparaît s ur v otre projecteur , faites u[...]

  • Page 30

    28 Description du symptôme: Quand le problème se produit-il ? par ex. : à chaque fois que l'[...]

  • Page 31

    29 Fra nça is Conditions d’appli cation de la garantie internati onale Ce projecteur est fou rni [...]

  • Page 32

    30 d. Problèmes survenant par suite de l’utilisation d’un équipement opt ionnel, de pièces ou[...]

  • Page 33

    31 Fra nça is LUXEMBOURG : EPSON Support Center BeNeLux T ech. Help Desk: 0032 70 22 2082 W eb Ad d[...]

  • Page 34

    32 < AMERIQUE DU SUD > ARGENTINE : Epson Ar gentin a S.A. A venida B elgrano 964/ 970 (1192), [...]

  • Page 35

    33 Fra nça is SINGAPORE : EPSON S INGAPO RE PTE. L TD . 401 Commonwea lth Driv e #01-01 Haw Par T e[...]

  • Page 36

    34 Inhaltsverze ic hnis Sicherheitsanweisun gen • Sic herheits anw eisung en ....... ........ ....[...]

  • Page 37

    35 Deutsch Sich erheitsanwei sungen Wichtige Hinweise Lesen Sie bitte die folgenden wichtig en Hinwe[...]

  • Page 38

    36 Sicherheitsanweisu ngen Beachten Sie beim Aufs tellen des Projek tors fo lgende Sicherheits anwei[...]

  • Page 39

    37 Deutsch • Lösen Sie den Netzstec k er , w enn der Projektor für längere Zeit nicht v erwende[...]

  • Page 40

    38 • Nach Ablauf der Betriebszeit darf die Lampe nicht mehr verwendet werden, weil die Gefahr eine[...]

  • Page 41

    39 Deutsch Hinweise für die H andhabung un d die A ufbewahrung Beachten Sie bitte die folgen den Ma[...]

  • Page 42

    40 • Die im Projektor als Lic htquelle v erwendete Quec ksilberdampflampe unterliegt bei normalem [...]

  • Page 43

    41 Deutsch Hinweise für den T ransport des Pr ojektor s Für den Pr ojektor werden viele Hoch präz[...]

  • Page 44

    42 Netzkabel für d en Betrieb im A usland Für die V erwendung des Proj ektors im Ausland mü ssen [...]

  • Page 45

    43 Deutsch Utility Software Die Utility Software EMP Link21L ist zusammen mit dem Projektor erhältl[...]

  • Page 46

    44 Fehlersuc he Fertigen Sie beim Auftreten ein er Projekto rstörung eine K opie der Fehlers uche a[...]

  • Page 47

    45 Deutsch Symptome hier beschreiben: Wann tritt die Störung auf? z.B. immer, wenn .... ausgeführt[...]

  • Page 48

    46 Inter nationa le Garantiebedingung en Dieser Projektor wird mit einer internationalen Garantie ge[...]

  • Page 49

    47 Deutsch Hinweis: Das für den Projektor mitgelieferte Netzk abel ist für die V erwendun g in dem[...]

  • Page 50

    48 NOR W A Y : T ech. Help Desk : 800.11828 POLAND : FOR EV ER Sp. z.o. o. Ul. Frankciska Kawy 44 PL[...]

  • Page 51

    49 Deutsch COLO M BIA : Epso n Colom bia Ltd a. Diagonal 10 9, 15-49 Bogota, Colomb ia T el : (57 1)[...]

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    Printed in XXXX 402169 004 XX.XX-XX(X X)[...]